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SL48, you are a genuine bonfide hero!

Ok, I've been using BC for a short while now, its an awesome app. Made the faux pas of not backing up the save after a good long session (just over 10hrs gameplay), made a change in BC and boom save gone.
Last save was just outside of Cosmo Canyon, when the buggy breaks down. I'm trying to recreate the save by updating stats/items etc from a previous save and trying to figure out if I can adjust the main progress var so next time I enter Corel/GoldSau etc it wouldn't be like it was the first time. Is that possible? I've noticed changing the variable alters the comments npcs make esp in corel, but barret still needs to be in team for the back story scene regardless. Would it be better to just to have a little cry then go through it all again?

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