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[PSX] Battle scenes exporter (2011-10-20)

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Hi just wanted to thank u for this amazing tool allso made a mac version from your source via Xcode

Hi Zidane_2. Can you help me with export files from psx game? Please  send me a messege to contact you. I am russian.

I re-upload all of Zidane_2's tools of Final Fantasy IX (well, those that I obtained at the time at least). You can get them here:
Zidane_2 Tools

There are duplicates in the root folder (but I think that there is more in the root folder than in the sub-folders). You will get among them a tool for viewing the Battle Scenes, the World Map, the Field walkmeshes and backgrounds, Model animation (of the bones, in Blitz3D format if I understand correctly)... For most of them, you'll need to extract the data from the disc .img using the tool "ffix_img_extr":
1) Use an ISO tool (like CDMage) to extract the .img from the binary ISO file of the game,
2) Use "ffix_img_extr" (it's a command-line tool) to extract the files that will be used by the other tools.

You may want to recompile the programs (the source code is included) ; some of them ("ffix_img_extr" in particular) didn't work anymore on my Windows 7.

Only works on the PSX version.


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