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[FF7 PC] Brand new modder looking get bearings on what's available


Hello all,
I'm inspired by NT2.0's demonstration that new content and mechanics can be introduced into FF7 pc so, I'm prototyping a mod of my own. My background is; I'm totally new to the backend of modding 7(unless you count editing saves with BlackChocobo). I do have some limited coding and design experience from modding Morrowind at a hobbyist level. I'm an OG FFVii fan from back in the ps1 days and am more currently ff7 speedrun watcher.

My mod concept is very loose in scope right now as I'm trying to get a feel for where the limits are on what can be altered, added, moved, or removed with the tools and methods available. I have looked through all of the tools and released mods' features posted on this forum to get an idea of what's possible. Now that I have most of the edge peices of the puzzle identified(7Heaven, Makou Reactor, ProudClod, Kimera, and WallMarket), I need to fill in the middle bits with the things I can't find resources on.

Here are my initial questions to the community:
1. Are there any existing tools or known methods to modify the bike minigame?

2. FFNX has the feature of camera control with the right stick of the controller. This means that it is possible to have a player input result in the change of in-game properties, right? For example, if an analog stick can alter the code for the camera placement property, can a button press alter Cloud's def stat?
If so, is there a tool or method that exists capable of modifying the battle module? To my understanding, Proudclod edits enemy behaviour, formation, and properties but doesn't touch the functioning of the interface.

3. Can additional FMVs be added? Also, do the FMVs work the same way on PC as they do on console; where they use the same pointers for different scenes because they're on the same location on different discs?(as seen when sequence breaking on disc 1 to later in the game).

4. Are there any tools known methods to add a new tab to the menu and or significantly alter the menu(s) beyond simply visually?

Thank you all for the fantastic work and know-how. You've all put in. This is really the only good place I could actually look to find answers on how to get into modding this game. I look forward to getting this project underway!

I also wanna know the answer for these questions.  :)

It is not known how to directly alter the bike minigame using any tools or techniques. Nevertheless, you might be able to use scripting with programs like Kimera or ProudClod to change the bike's behavior or statistics. As an alternative, you may use programs like Makou Reactor or WallMarket to make your own minigame.

 In the case of FFNX, the camera control feature is accomplished by means of proprietary scripts known as "plugins". Custom input handling and gameplay mechanisms are made possible by these plugins. The fight module of Final Fantasy 7 PC can be altered with the use of programs like Makou Reactor and WallMarket. On the other hand, scripting with programs like Kimera or ProudClod would be necessary to change properties like Cloud's statistics. It's important to note that because of the intricacy of the game's battle system, customizing the battle module might be difficult.

It's great to see a new member of the FF7 modding community inspired by NT2.0! Your experience with Morrowind modding will definitely be helpful. Here's a breakdown of your questions:

1. Bike Minigame:

There aren't any widely known tools specifically for modifying the bike minigame. However, with tools like 7th Heaven and FFNx, you might be able to achieve some changes indirectly. Here are some ideas:

Modifying scripts: Explore scripts related to the bike minigame using tools like Chaos Script Editor. Maybe you can adjust speed, controls, or obstacles.
Custom Models: Use tools like XModel to edit existing bike models or create new ones, potentially changing its behavior.
2. Player Input and Battle System:

You're right! FFNx's camera control demonstrates the potential for modifying in-game properties with player input. Here's what you need to know:

Battle System Modification: Tools like Proud Clod primarily focus on enemy AI and behavior. However, projects like Materia Overhaul (uses 7th Heaven) show the possibility of altering battle mechanics.
FFScript: This scripting language allows deeper modifications. It has a learning curve but offers significant control over gameplay elements.
3. FMVs (Full Motion Videos):

Adding new FMVs is possible but requires advanced knowledge. Tools like BMBF Editor and FF7: Remaster Model Editor might be helpful. Here's the deal with FMVs:

Pointers and Disc Structure: While some pointers may be similar across discs, it's not a reliable approach. You'll need to understand how FMVs are referenced in the game data.
Advanced Techniques: Adding new FMVs involves manipulating data structures, potentially requiring tools like a hex editor.
4. Menu Modification:

Menu alterations are achievable with varying degrees of complexity:

Simple Visual Changes: Use 7th Heaven to replace menu backgrounds and icons.
Adding New Tabs and Functionality: This requires in-depth knowledge of FF7's internal structure and potentially FFScript for custom scripting.
Resources and Tips:

Explore the modding forum further. Search for existing mods related to your interests.
Check out tutorials and documentation for tools like 7th Heaven, FFNx, and FFScript.
Join the FF7 modding Discord server! (Search online for invite links)
Remember, modding FF7 can be challenging, but the community is there to help. Good luck with your project! We're excited to see what you create.


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