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Ok guys I am starting to forget who has contributed to Team Avalanche so I am making a contibutions page. If you have contributed something and are not on this list let me know. My memory is horrible

sl1982 - Lead Project Coordinator / Graphic Artist
Timu_Sumisu - Leader of project bombing mission / Graphic Artist

Aali - Graphics Driver / Tools creator
Satoh - Graphic Artist
pyrozen - Graphic Artist (World Map) / Avalanche Logo
Mako - Graphic Artist WMRP
Shankifer - Avalanche Logo
DLPB - Intro FMV / Beta Tester
Kranmer - Patch Creator
Grimmy - Graphic Artist
Millenia - Texture Artist Extraordinaire
NCS - 3d Modeller
Romeo14 - Graphic Artist
Xenobond - Graphic Artist
felix_leonhart - Graphic Artist (Battle scenes)
NFITC1 - Head Programmer
Obesebear - Model Importer
Chocobo Girl - 3d Modeller
sithlord48 - Modified save creator/programmer.
Titeguy3 - Main title page.
d33eniz - Installer graphics.


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