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Getting 7th Heaven to Work on Wine

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Hi! I specifically made an account here to ask if there was any update regarding this situation, or mayhaps some more concrete Linux or Wine-friendly support in the near future? Unfortunately, 7H is just not having any of Wine 6.21.

Hopefully there will be more interest in maintaining some form of Linux support for the three of us who use it.


If 7th Heaven doesn't work for you and you have no problem with using The Reunion, just go this way. Installing Reunion is crazy simple and it works, at least on Mint 20.3.

Here is a tut on how to do that.

You need The Reunion, obviously, and a tool called protontricks, which is a wrapper for Winetricks running commands for Proton. You also need Wine with Winetricks. Protontricks was in the Mint's repo, I'm not sure about other distros though. I had to install additional depenedencies before protontricks (python3-vdf in my case), but in the end it works like a charm.

Have there been any updates on wine versions working?


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