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just install vb6runtimeplus ^^ :

Hello.  :)

First of all, thank you very much for this Satsuki Yatoshi Mod, is amazing in all aspects!

Second, I have some doubts, I would be glad if you can help me:

- The game runs well in my PC less when you are in the forgotten city and find Aerith, you know THAT moment. There are many slowdowns in that zone, any way to fix it? I did try with OpenGL, Direct3d11 and less resolution (even 1x) but nothing.

- I did try the No Chibi FMV videos of DrLilo, and all work fine less the one that Tifa jumps to the Hiwghind rope and the parachute in midgar, any way to do that these videos works well here? It would be amazing have it for better inmersion.

- And finally, I want to play the New Treath mod, my game version is spanish, this mod is compatible with that?  Very difficult to install here?

Thank you very much for all the help!

-Some screen of the game with needs to load a bunch of files very fast, this screen is on of them, the only way not to have frame drop here is to have a decent computer with nvme ssd.
-The FMV are only video file, if the encoding is right, no bug >> ask to the modder of those FMV.
-NT mod is make to be used this 7th or manual install only, no support from me for my AIO pack

you can extract iros with 7th heaven

But when I try to install on a plain 98 installation folder, it says it can't detect the Steam version and does not let me install.
Yes you need the steam version for verification, you can't install this full pack OOB without steam version.
If you want to use my work with 98 version, 7th or manual installation are the ways to go

Hi satsuki, would it be possible to add support to the 98 version?

I'm having some issues with 7th Heaven and myst6re's psf soundtrack, so I would like to use your mod directly.
My full pack is based on 98 version, steam is just needed for validation of the intallation, and it's using psf for base music oob ^^

Hey Satsuki.  We're still working on our Before Crisis game and were wondering if we could use your upscales for some scenes?  You will be credited of course.
Of course, feel free to use, tell me if you need some file (i released the fields sources here if you need them :

Hi Satsuki, I just updated to 5.42
I can play through the direct launcher, but when I select the mods at the control panel I can't play, which means that I can't edit the options (I wanted to try sound overhaul).

could you try to backup your save and do a clean reinstallation ?

try to execute it as admin just in case it's about writing rights.
never had this bug reported before, so i gess it's related to your side ^^'

Hello, satsuki.

Thanks for the updates.

Is now the content of the .iro version identical to the content of the AIO pack?

All iros are updated:
-Fields iro : 15 fields updated (minor tweaks and optimisations)
-FMV iros : 1 FMV updated (background FMV of the ancient city - waterfall sequence)
-Worldmap : 1 texture file (one bridge of wutai was showing some bad transparency in some case)

5.42 update available in 1° post (iro's updates comming soon)

Changelog 5.42
-Corrected a dialog not showing bug in ancient temple with Modern 3D models (Thanks [email protected])
-Added a direct launch shortcut
-Updated FFNx (some Dynamic Lightening improvement + full analog stick support in fields)
-Optimised the "mouth hide" option to looks like in psx
-Optimised trnad_2 / ancnt2 / ztruc / fship_1
-Optimised one part of the wutai bridge in worldmap (bad transparency in a small part)
-Optimised the background movie of field white2 (Thanks [email protected])

you can just update

First bug is rare so no huge problem, but sometimes if I backtrack to the previous screen, Cloud loads up unpside down and about 50 times larger, so you can see the underside of his feet as you move around like the floor is seethrough and hes underneath.  Going to the next screen fixes this but not good if I need to backtrack.
>Not related to the pack, can appens in 2 or 3 fields of the game randomly

Second thing is during combat, the sky looks like its made of 5-6 layers all stuck together with visible lines between them.  So think of two cards put together.
>Related to dynamic lightening, no fix atm

Third one is very annoying.  If I cast Titan during combat and win, when it loads into open world again everything is black except for characters and a few objects.  Only way to fix this is to load into a new area, load into a new battle, or restart.  So I've not been able to cast titan.  Also when he grabs into the ground and lifts up a huge chunk of earth, the earth is invisible.
>Related to dynamic lightening (and explained in the help of the launcher), will be solved in next update

The keyboard map ingame only.
For some time my AIO pack use 1998 version, so your cds are useless ^^

My AIO pack also use 4gb patched exes

Hi, Satsuki. The mod starts but the screen is green where there should be black. Opening movie for instance.

Only for movies ?
witch graphic engine do you use in the launcher ?

Support / Re: nvidia gt 1030
« on: 2021-08-04 09:25:35 »
I get slowdowns with a 2080 and i7 when using animations. No getting around it really.
Even with lastest FFNx canary ? there was a big improvement on lastest version (got about x2.5fps on most screens with animations)

try to do a clean steam installation, then install the pack again

Probably not.

As i already said to you, modded ff7 (especialy with advanced animation) is realy power hungry compared to vanilla ff7.
Before the optimisation on some fields and with lightening and advanced animation i wasn't able to get more than 20fps (corei7 8700k + RTX 3070ti) - and more than 480fps (in speedhack x16, 480fps is the limit) without those 2 options in the sames fields...

Now on the same fields i get more than 40fps, so as the fields are 30 fps, no more frame drop.
I'm not saying you need a corei7 + rtx to get full fps with those options, but you need a decent modern computer.

Do you have any changelog for the revisions ?

AIO 5.41 update avaible :

Changelog 5.41
-Updated FFNx (way faster Advenced Animations)
-Corrected Modern 3D models to avoid visual bugs with Dynamic Lightening (5 fields)
-Optimised Chorace2 / bugen_2 / crcin_1 field

From your french page, I got the impression that your mod can be used with the PSX version. Is that correct? If so, how would that be achieved?
No it's not.
As it's an AIO pack it can be only installer if the user proof he own ff7, it can be done with steam version, 1998 cd or psx cd

I tryied again about 1 month ago, and .... I gess we don't have the same sense of "almost no bugs".
I won't go further.
Try 60 fps, with a locked closed source system not up to date driver... and if you like it, well, just use it :-)

you can't have 60 fps battle with 7th.
there's no good way to have 60 fps battle atm, even reunion's one is a crappy hack full of visual bug.
and about 7th, as i said in the mod description :"Please Use Steam AIO installer unless you want to add other mods; if you want to add more mods then use 7th Heaven 2.3 + iros (no support from me)."

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