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Thanks dude, much appreciated

I wan't please. Any updates to this program are good ones.
I would happily enjoy using this

I would need it in English though :(

Releases / [FF7 PC] Scavenger
« on: 2020-01-14 21:39:46 »
Hello everyone! This post is for the FFVII Scavenger Mod, a mod that introduces a very unique challenge to the game by splitting the game into many different sections. In each section, your inventory will be wiped (everything but exp and limits) and you'll need to use your knowledge of the game to scavenge everything needed to continue. You will also be given steal, morph, sense, and enemy skill materia in each section.

You can download the mod here:

You can watch a playthrough of the mod here:

You don't wanna be using these ones anymore. They are very inferior to this pack by Satsuki:

Grab the top link for Fields, his ones are worlds better than ours, trust me

I've seen this issue multiple times too.
Anytime I have fixed it it's because the player was using the SE 2000 release and it didn't come with that file for some reason. I would send them mine to place inside FF7/data/battle and it fixed it 100% of the time.

So either that version doesn't have it, or it's hidden somewhere else


Phoenix Tail Avatars replaces the in game portraits of your characters in the menus with a Remake style version. Some of which are from the remake directly and others being what I consider to be the closest to it I could find while making this pack.

This pack comes with 3 sets:
An alpha version for a more modern menu style,
A boxed set for anyone who prefers that particular style,
And a more Remake style UI design too.

Along with this the mod comes with 2 more options for aspect ratio.
When you play the game in Widescreen mode (16:9) the game stretches. As do the images.
So we have made a separate option for this that will adjust the size of your avatars based on the aspect ratio you play in to make them look far better.

Here is how the 3 sets look:

Type A

Type B

Type C

You can download this pack right HERE

Also now compatible with the FFNx Driver by TrueOdin to use the DDS format.
Not Required.

If you are unsure on what the FFNx driver is, you can get info on it here:
(Install instructions are also here)

And you can download it from here:


Archive / Re: [FF7PC] Charity event - Final FantaTree VII
« on: 2019-10-29 03:40:59 »
1st stream was a huge success, we managed to raise enough to plant 200 new Trees!

If you did happen to come to the stream via this page then thank you very much, it was a great experience.
Here's a small sneak peak at Tree Cloud combined with the moment we hit $200
(Clips name themselves randomly, this was not my choice haha)

Archive / [FF7PC] Charity event - Final FantaTree VII
« on: 2019-10-28 19:44:50 »

The Tsunamods team will be running a charity event over the next few weeks in the hopes to bring the entire FF community together. Supporting a cause that the entire internet is currently fighting for. #TeamTrees

Did you hear of the recent fire in the Amazon Rainforest? Do you know how many trees died? They don't know either, but it's a LOT.
In case you didn't know, Trees make Oxygen, and everything above ground on this planet needs that stuff to breathe. So they're pretty important...

This movements goal is to plant 20 MILLION trees by 01/01/2020. This non-profit organization started on the 25/10/2019 and so far have raised over 5 MILLION already! $1 = 1 Tree, it's as simple as that.

What's the difference between this and any normal charity event? Well this one is a global effort! Everyone on the internet right now is helping this cause. Seriously, you search #TeamTrees on any of your social medias and just look at what you find. You'll find that many people on Social Media are doing something related to trees to try and support this project and spread awareness of the situation. So the Tsunamods team are going be starting a new mod Final FantaTree VII.

A mod where every 3D model in the game will be replaced with Trees! Not just static Trees with no animations, that would be boring. But fully animated, weapon holding, spiky yellow haired trees. This is all in good fun to do our best to support the cause, I will be livestreaming the creation of this mod every step of the way. If you are interested in supporting this cause please head to the Tsunamods Twitch channel at the link below and give your support:

I will be streaming at 8pm GMT (30 mins from now) and will continue to stream this project over the next few weeks.

If there are any modders here that have knowledge on model replacement for Final Fantasy VII and would like to help us with this please get in touch with me. The faster we can get this mod completed, the faster other Streamers and Youtubers can play it on their channels and help support the cause themselves.

Once there, you can ask for any information you may need about anything you have read here and just have fun while your there. If you do Visit be sure to type in either !TeamTrees or #TeamTrees in the chat to bring up the info and how you can help. I will be the person on stream and I would love to see everyone who is following this cause too. If you cannot make it to the streams, you can also support the cause by Retweeting or Sharing when we go live at these links:

Or if you'd even like to go further in helping, join our Discord channel here for this event specifically and find out how you can help without spending any money, or even time. There are various options you can do to assist us each catering to how much time you can offer:

Another way to help with this is you can donate as little as $1 to our community link and together as a community we can make a difference:
You can also find their official page here:

Thanks for your time everyone, hope to see you there.

Thanks, I just like to confirm things due to my own idiocy haha

Excited for this, will this have the extended sound effect cap?

No not at all, worked that out afterwards. Sorry dude.
Mod is fantastic :)

It was screen tearing, he was using a NVidia GPU. He fixed it by turning on Post Processing. That's really all i know

Im watching a guy on Twitch using your new fields and he can see the layer lines flash when he moves? Is that normal or is a setting breaking it

EDIT: Nevermind, found it in the FAQ

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC] [Tsunamods] Arranged Soundtrack
« on: 2019-09-07 04:33:47 »
Updated link, thanks for letting me know

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC] [Tsunamods] Arranged Soundtrack
« on: 2019-07-12 05:12:34 »
Glad you're enjoying it :D

Releases / Re: New Avatar Pack
« on: 2019-07-08 17:59:43 »
Yes it's completely fine Wolf. I didn't realize 'till after i went to bed that that probably came off angry but it's 100% fine. I'm glad it's being used :)

Releases / Re: New Avatar Pack
« on: 2019-07-08 07:19:32 »
Could've asked to use our Yuffie render but whatever. Glad it's considered good enough to be used

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC]Remade Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2019-06-18 23:28:22 »
These are deleted scenes from the original. Final Mix has these in it too actually.
It's cool

You can ask an admin in the forum of Nexus if you can proof that you are involved with that project. They probably will hide it until the owner comes back to approve the action.

Ahh cheers man, well it has links all over it to my work and the logo it uses is of my project too so that should be easy enough :D

To be fair, that pack above came from my team and i agree that Satsukis is better.
The guy in our team that made this seems to have vanished so i cant remove it or do updates lol.

Chances are this got ignored because it is an identical replica of another thread you already made:

FAQs and Tutorials / Re: [FF7]Big List of Bugs
« on: 2019-05-31 20:28:22 »
We gotta get that working. You have to play Echo-S :P
I think Strife himself actually had that same issue with using the Menu Overhaul. When he's back i'm sure he'll help you

General Discussion / Re: Did I miss any Major Mods?
« on: 2019-05-31 17:18:57 »
Well you know what i mean lol. It's closest to the original style without actually being Chibi form. My bad

General Discussion / Re: Did I miss any Major Mods?
« on: 2019-05-29 12:41:19 »
Arks Fields are here too, i personally find them overwhelmingly better than Remako:

There is also my own music pack here, of course i would advertise it but give it a shot:

If you like the chibi style models just with a better looking human anatomy use ChaoS:

As for the modders haven stuff you wont be able to get them, they are a private team.
The things they provide can not be shared on this site due to the ToS

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