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This is usually the kind of mod i make/look for, that's why i was able to spot it. You know... mods that don't change much, but make the game strictly better without losing anything and thus without upsetting anyone. I could try fixing them but i can't guarantee anything for timing and whatnot.

BTW if you're still interested in working on it, i'd try to balance all weapons' attack power over the course of the game. Like, Zidane stays behind Amarant until he makes a huge leap with the Ultima Weapon, ditto steiner with E2, Amarant himself has 4 weapons in a span of 10 attack power or so...

Very nice work anyway, and thanks for the perfect documentation.

just seen a magic bonus formula available for weapons... does it work? and how... just like the spirit and speed ones?

I'm seeing some issues with the Steam version of the mod. Discrepancies between the mod and the doc.

Found so far:
* Price not updated for Dragon's Whisker
* Brave suit still boosts Fire
* MP Cost and Accuracy of Stona, Silence, Mini, Confuse, Might
* Comet

Also... in your doc you have listed an MP cost of 26 for Ifrit in the Changes sheet and 24 in the Spells sheet

usb, leggi l'help di ts. Non è #h che gestisce le domande, ma #o

Ora come ora hai problemi con tutte le domande dove il mio numero di righe differisce da quello di DLPB.

The "Corsa dei Ch   bo" texture issue: dunno why that would be in the Reunion database.
The reason for that issue is quite simple: The SadNes used the spanish version of the game as basis for their italian translations.
So the x/y/width/height info for grabbing that piece of texture and placing it on the screen doesn't match since we're now using the english exe with textures meant to work with the spanish one.
So... all I did was open the spanish exe, find where that info is stored and copy paste it into the english one.
I didn't even look at which byte does what, it worked like a charm right away. Easy peasy.

BTW the sex symbol is not mandatory if you want to translate "Male" and "Female" for chocobos.
I know that trying to translate those words directly is a nightmare so i splitted the dialogues. If the game writes "Male" in the variable slot, i made it use a dialogue box with "Maschio" hardcoded in place of the variable slot, if it wrote "Female" it uses a different dialogue with hardcoded "Femmina"

Code: [Select]
#cy 6
#cy 8
#cy 65
Nome: {MEM3 440 6}
Sesso: Maschio
Classe: {MEM3 44A 1}
#cy 6
#cy 8
#cy 65
Nome: {MEM3 440 6}
Sesso: Femmina
Classe: {MEM3 44A 1}
#xy 173 48
“Dai un nome a questo
  chocobo maschio.”
#xy 173 48
“Dai un nome a questo
  chocobo femmina.”

Già, scusa, avrei dovuto informarvi prima. è un problema noto

Al momento lo sto volutamente lasciando in sospeso perché

1) è un bug minore
2) non accade sempre
3) verrà fixato definitivamente quando passerò a R06 come base

Inoltre, posso "fixarlo" tornando a vanilla (cioè avendo il box sempre a larghezza max, come accade nel gioco originale) in qualsiasi momento. Se vedo che il passaggio a R06 va troppo per le lunghe adotterò temporaneamente questa soluzione.

OT: fa piacere che le live di gamerdex siano conosciute, devo dire che ci stiamo divertendo non poco, sia lui a giocarlo che io dalla chat. :D

i think it's better to if your post has it's own thread. That way you can receive feedback for the port, like bugs or tips on how to include other stuff, and here i'll receive feedback for the translation

Maybe you should've asked before posting, but i'm totally cool with it (dunno if there's someone else you should ask though).

After all i've been the one saying that people should just grab the flevel and put it in whatever framework allows modding if they were ok with the compromise. This is not that different.

Just one thing: make your own post for it cause i won't be able to help polishing this port.

Il numero dei dialoghi è la parte meno rilevante di tutte: andrebbero portate tutte le mie modifiche fatte all'exe e allo script per accomodare la nuova traduzione e fixare bug. E anche in quel caso non sarebbe compatibile con NT

Ciao, grazie a te dei complimenti.

Ho dato una rapida occhiata a NT e sì, direi che è incompatibile. L'idea era che alle brutte potevi provare una traduzione "monca" su NT, rimpiazzando il solo file coi dialoghi del field (e il resto in inglese), ma ha fatto pesanti modifiche pure lì.

Non c'è assolutamente modo che NT si incastri con una qualsiasi traduzione... andrebbero tradotti direttamente i testi di quella mod.

I didn't even know this was a thing, thanks usb (for your PM reply as well), i'll give it a try sometime.

And thanks to Kuraudo (who's still helping me in improving this translation months after its initial release) and Vincent for the kind words :D

Thanks to Kuraudo's help, whom i can't thank enough, the translation is constantly being updated to fix typos and/or address other minor nuances. He just finished playing disc 1, so i think it's a good time to also have a version upgrade instead of the usual "ghost" v1.03 upload.

Oh and, since it's just switched to the 31th, I wish you all a happy new year!  ;D

Added italian magic.lgp with sadnes' textures: Supernova and card tarots. Thanks usb!  :wink:

EDIT: uploaded new installer to fix a few typos (reported by Kuraudo). I tend to do these and save version updates for bigger changes so check the "Last update" from time to time.

EDIT2: v1.03 fixes in-battle help text spillover and some more typos. Thanks Kuraudo!

EDIT3: v1.03 is still being updated to fix typos thanks to Kuraudo's support. The 27/12 update fixes Mutsunokami's name (it was still Yoshiyuki) and changes Ultra Might name's to Wolframer (from XV).

1.01 uploaded to fix this issue, thanks omark.  :wink:

Thanks!  ;)

Please report any bugs or translation issues/questions/suggestions here. (Check the documentation first for non-dialogue terms)

I honestly dunno. This translation replaces a lot of files (remember, built upon Reunion R05) so "out of the box" it won't work with anything probably. People will have to mess with files on their own, replacing files and repacking LGPs, especially for mods that enhance graphics.

Goal was to get one working release first, combatibility will come later.


Submarine acquired. Aka 90% DONE.

Funny how (real) cloud enjoys taking prisoners instead of fighting (yes, even dogs). Also, his enemies love him for that.

Flevel is 100% DONE. Only things missing for full release are text from the submarine minigame and texture alignment in the snowboard minigame.

Finished a full review of disc 1. I now consider 67% of the translation final.
Started working on Disc 2 and i'll probably follow the proofcheck of Beacause from now on.

ATM i've finished Icicle Inn (Loggia gelata).
Also, an image for the update:

Edit: Gaea's Cliff done.

Edit2: Escaped from Junon. 80% done.

Edit3: Mideel sunk.

The forum sections are right above the posts of this page. All you need to do is go back to FF7 Other Mod Releases

The status has been "very soon" for months now and it was supposed to be released on October 1st, "hanging tight" is not reliable at all. There's no good reason to restrict the whole project from the entire internet just because there's an improvement in sight. All I ask for is a download link. People have complained about him doing this as far back as 2015, this is a problem that shouldn't exist.

You're right about one thing: this is a problem that doesn't exist cause right below this thread there's another one with the download links you want.

Since this is mostly a translation of DLPB's The Reunion, it's highly likely that it will be compatible with the same mods as that.

I've solved all issues with .tex files and palettes a long time ago, so i could easily port & fix Sadnes' "mancato". I simply didn't like the outcome.

As for progress, i stopped after translating the end of disc one, i'm currently waiting for R06

Hello i have a problem with this patch :
i tried to UNINSTALL and clean the registry and re-install everything in this order :


So, i really thing at this point there is a problem with the FF7 ITA RELOADED patch : is there anybody that can solve this problem or contact INDREMA that posted first the patch on this forum please? thanks very much :-)

You replied to the wrong post, this is not FF7 ITA Reloaded

General Discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-06-22 23:17:40 »
You should read what I wrote.  Devoting massive resources to graphics takes time away from other areas of the game.  You realize this thing has a deadline and a budget... right?

ATM i think the opposite in my optimism. My opinion is that they don't care about budget and they can parallelize work by assigning battle graphics and story to entirely different teams. About the budget i'm convinced they will probably ignore it in the belief that if they do a good job, any budget they put in it will return a hundredfold, while if they screw this up it will haunt them forever. Scrapping most of CC2's work after 2 years only reinforced this belief.


IIRC in the Italian modding scene, there was one tool able to automatically change the window size depending on your translated text. Is that a different case?

Yes. Dialogue box =/= command box. There was the Hex Documentation around here though... which allowed people to fiddle with a lot of stuff like text spacing, boxes and whatnot. I used that to make "Elemosina" (Zeninage) fit in the command box (among other changes) but i can't seem to find it now.

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