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Thanks a lot for the adobes DLPB, until now I had problems like milo to edit the fonts, since I was adding all the "à" "è" "ò" ecc through copy-paste in, you know...
But even like that it seems it's pointless 'cause the added character overlap like if there is no value for spacing set for them (is that stored in window.bin?) or whatever. Do you have any data about this thing that you used in your menu mod, like the ones you gave us about the exe? Or is it already planned to be fixed in near future?

Anyway, I'm taking this chance to thank you for all the work you shared with us, the menu overhaul mod, all the info about the exe and the advice to use Cheat Engine. They helped a lot even to someone that had to start learning from zero like me.  ;D

Releases / Re: [WIP] Final Fantasy VII FMV Restoration
« on: 2010-11-29 12:37:36 »
I just thought this was a chance to update Sadnes text, which was done a long time ago and without sources like retranslated japanese script or Crisis Core, our ONLY official source for italian Final Fantasy VII.

My changes were merely an attempt to bring the text as close as possible to the Japanese script or Crisis Core but if you don't agree it's ok, it's only my opinion after all.

Cheers, Dei92

Releases / Re: [WIP] Final Fantasy VII FMV Restoration
« on: 2010-11-26 15:00:16 »

I am waiting for indrema to make his corrections to the text, otherwise I am using the text I placed up earlier, unless you think I should use something else?

I did some corrections to your (indrema's?) text. Reply #93 of this thread, corrections are in bold.

If you want we can work together to the italian part of the game so DLPB and others don't have to hear multiple points of view about the same thing. What do you think about it? PM or e-mail me an answer and please check your PM settings, I think you can't receive messages from forum members.

Releases / Re: [WIP] Final Fantasy VII FMV Restoration
« on: 2010-11-26 13:18:01 »

Cheers.  Oh and, the Italian text is above (I had it wrote out for me), if you want to make some slight changes to it, I suggest you do it now because come tomorrow it is too late.

So what are you going to do with Italian text?

Are you going to use my changes or will you use the text from your post?

Troubleshooting / Re: Character PRP - Flower Lady bug
« on: 2010-11-24 12:55:29 »
Thanks for your reply but if things are the way you said i think I can do nothing about it (my modeling skills are near to zero :P), so i'll just wait and hope that someone will fix it.  ;D

Troubleshooting / Character PRP - Flower Lady bug
« on: 2010-11-23 15:54:10 »
Hello all!
I've found a strange bug in the Aerith encouter scene that happens after the reactor #1 mission.

basically Aerith's left hand is missing and aali's driver says that the error is a file in char.lgp called "l_hand.rsd" that can't be loaded

I've searched everywhere for this file but I found nothing that could help me even because it happens to every char.lgp with models from phoenix rejuvenation project even with the old NRC 0.6
And even if i try to put the missing file l_hand in direct folder to make the driver load it, it will simply overlap her left arm

a screenshot

here is what happens if the driver loads l_hand.rsd

Anyone knows how to fix this?

Releases / Re: [WIP] Final Fantasy VII FMV Restoration
« on: 2010-11-23 13:44:40 »
I have used this:


Ma loro...

Quelle patetiche creature

ti hanno sottratto il Pianeta, Madre.

Ma ora ci sono io qui con te,

dunque non temere.


.....Il Flusso Vitale?

.....Credo, finalmente, di cominciare a capire.


Quale sia la risposta del Pianeta...

La Terra Promessa...

Io penso che la troveremo... proprio qui.

Va bene, andiamole incontro.

Ehi, dove sono tutti gli altri?


Sono felice di vedervi tutti sani e salvi!

Mi sembra che anche loro stiano bene.
Ma...adesso? Cosa possiamo fare adesso?

Sancta dovrebbe manifestarsi a momenti.

Ciò significa che questo posto sparirà...

Fortuna mia non mi abbandonare proprio ora...

La ragazza dei fiori?

Ehi!! Dannazione!! Un momento!

Ma cosa diavolo sta succedendo a Midgar?

Noi...dobbiamo fare qualcosa!

Ho fatto in modo che tutti si rifugiassero nei bassifondi.

Ma per come si stanno mettendo le cose...

È troppo tardi...troppo tardi per Sancta.

Meteor ormai è troppo vicina al Pianeta...

Sancta sta ottenendo l'effetto contrario.
Dimenticatevi di Midgar...

È del Pianeta che dobbiamo preoccuparci adesso.
E quello cos'è?!

Ma che diavolo è quella roba?

.....Il Flusso Vitale.

Sta arrivando.

Those are the changes I would do to Italian translations, if Gemini and Indrema are ok with it. And for the Jenova video I think we should use Crisis Core translation, being the only official italian source for Final Fantasy VII we have.

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