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Thanks again Tirlititi!

The transform.localPosition worked somehow, but the best result i managed to achieve is fixing the position every time but one: the very first time it's displayed after a reset it's in the wrong position (x=288 instead of 292). I asked TehMighty just now cause maybe a more permanent solution (finding the actual transform file related to that) is needed.


I've noticed this minor issue in the equipment UI. With dnSpy i found the code portion that handles this section (EquipUI, mostly within DisplayParameter), but there's code for everything bar positioning (the ones that activate it, ArrowTween for the flashing of the arrow, colors...).

Dunno if a vector with absolute values exists somewhere or if there's an iterator that's supposed to align those numbers either.

Clem thank you for talking about the Mene issue. To fix it, try dumping all the field scripts, with comments for readability. Then look for the dialogue that Mene says when there are no chocographs to be found. You'll see a few boolean vars like Chocobo_NoFindChocograph and Chocobo_NoMoreChocograph around there, used to trigger the dialogue.
Those must be coherent with the changes we made.

EDIT: The link below is the modified script for Chocobo Forest that should work with your mod (and mine: i applied the same changes to chocograph avaliability as you did). Since this comes from an italian script, compare it to yours and apply the changes i made. Also, remember to apply the very same changes to Chocobo Lagoon and Air Garden's scripts. That entire portion of code is repeated among all three. If you happen to make some tests, please let me know how it goes.

This is what i came up with for Jump. A physical strike (thinking of atk mul of 1.3) that is boosted by Trance, Berserk, and by High jump (by 1.5 just like throw) and takes the element of the weapon. Funny how Freya's Jump actually became weaker with Trance despite being its main focus.

Code: [Select]
case 48:
case 83:
if (([0] & 2097152U) != 0U)
calc_VAR.at_num = (short)(calc_VAR.at_num * 3 >> 1);
if (prog_no == 48)
if (btl_calc.CalcSub_152(calc_VAR))
if (btl_calc.CalcSub_152(calc_VAR))
int num14;
if ((num14 = (int)(calc_VAR.at_pow - calc_VAR.df_pow)) <= 0)
num14 = 1;
CALC_VAR calc_VAR33 = calc_VAR;
calc_VAR33.tg_flags |= 1;
if (calc_VAR.at_num < 4)
calc_VAR.at_num = 4;
int num15 = (int)((long)(num14 * (int)calc_VAR.at_num) / (long)((ulong)btl_util.SumOfTarget(0U)));
if (num15 > 9999)
num15 = 9999;
if ((calc_VAR.flags & 8) != 0)
calc_VAR.tg_flags |= 2;
calc_VAR.tg_hp = (short)num15;

Also i want you to look at this 2 lines of case 19, Physical Strike:
Code: [Select]
if (btl_calc.ApplyWeapElement(calc_VAR))
{ [...] }

Dunno if elemental physical strikes exist, but doesn't this mean that the spell uses the element of the weapon for the sake of weaknesses/freeze/heat whatever and the element of the SPELL (not the weapon) for the sake of elm. boost alone?

Aka, an Excalibur II powered Shock will deal improved damage agains enemies weak to holy, BUT non-boosted damage if Steiner is equipped to boost Holy. But if we make Shock, dunno... Fire-elemental, Shock will deal improved damage against enemies weak to Holy (Excalibur II) AND if equipped to boost Fire.

Sounds like an oversight to me, like the first line should be ApplyWeapElementBoost instead of ApplySpellElementBoost.

So i'm right and jump is rendered completely worthless by... anything, like a killer ability. Unless they stack somehow.
Don't worry though, i'm comfortable with comparing changes and with the resources you provided i can change jump however i want. It's pretty easy to figure it out.

Good news then, i was misled by Hades Workshop's effect description. Psysical strikes have a [Atk * Mul - Def] in their formula description, while Spear has a Mul * [Atk - Def] formula (description only).

Issue with solution 1) is that High Jump becomes useless. dnspy sounds exactly like what i need, i had already found spear and trancespear in Memoria Engine's source but with that tool i can even study your changes.

Sorry to bother you again, but i was looking at command formulas and... isn't Jump very weak? Assuming same atk, def and multiplier, multiplying the attack (like shock, free energy etc) is better than multiplying [atk-def] like jump does.

Moreover, Power Jump grants only a minor improvement (x1.33) compared to something like power throw (x1.5 + vs. aerial bonus + berserk bonus) and is acquired similarly late. Also dunno what to think about the increased randomness in Trance Jump but i'll see that later.

What do you think, considering you didn't really change Jump in your mod?
Also, if i were to change it, could you please tell me where to look for among the CIL code section?

Both the CTRL+Q quit and Quit in the main menu were removed by DLPB's Reunion. I managed to restore the latter.
About your other report in Rinoa's forum, it was a known compromise from an even worse bug. Latest version removes the bug completely, but command box size is now fixed at max lenght, just like vanilla.

Thanks, did it!

Hi. I was wondering... how did you change the contents of chocograph trasures? I tried dumping World map script from the vanilla game and a DBE patched one (from HW) and they're identical...

EDIT: Nevermind, looks like i forgot to paste a few files, now they're different.

EDIT2: I managed to document all the treasure changes, one thing i still don't know is how you made some chocograph's available later. Is it in the field script?

I'm sorta working on a rebalance myself and yesterday i realized the very same thing about the Holy Lance i'm only reading here now. Already downloading to look at the detailed documentation.

Daguerreo is still a big boost in equipment. I just made Esto Gaza a bit closer to it and distanced more those earlier.

For example, using steiner's weapons, vanilla is Disc2 35, Blue Narciss 38, Oeilvert 42, Esto Gaza (after Desert Palace) 46, Daguerreo 57. Now it's 35-40-44-51-57. Smoother.

Would you say the main value of the rebalanced attack values is so that the attack values themselves make more sense internally?

Weapons, yeah. No other option exists when you rebalance them so it's all about having consistent and comparable progression with other character. Maintaining some sort of power ranking. For example the huge jump between Esto Gaza (after) and Daguerreo doesn't make much sense since they're basically accessible at the same time. That's why Flame Saber and co were boosted that much.

Armors are another thing. Robes were outright invalidating a huge chunk of the light armor options.

BTW i haven't considered max stats number when balancing. I do know how high mag+str gets on mages but i have ignored it. Balacing with such an extreme case in mind would yeld bad results of all the "average" playthroughs. Also strange that Zeus can deal damage as high as Rods and Flutes, since the latter are elemental now.

I will probably have a better idea for these numbers when i reach the endgame with my "average" playthrough so i can see the actual stats.

Daggers are still str only.

Dunno why stat set 80 is different, i made a point of not changing anything there. At most i'd swap stat set itself on the equipment like the steepled hat (which is a mage's hat so got changed to +1 mag for flavor).

Golden Skullcap vs Circlet male/female only is again mostly for flavor since they're both endgame and their abilities aren't unique at all.

BTW if you have time to talk about it send me your discord (if you have it) in PM, it'd be much easier to talk about it that way

EDIT: looks like the stats.csv is a leftover that has already been reverted in the actual game files cause i don't see any difference in stat set 80 in both my mod and vanilla from hex workshop.

EDIT2: I figured it out... Stat sets are off by one. So 80 is actually 81 (Brave Suit) and that change is yours: From boosts fire to immune to fire.

A csv is basically a spreadsheet saved in txt format. Any decent excel-like editor is supposed to open a csv file with data properly formatted into columns (separated by ";" in this specific case)

Oh, good to know, I took the chance to update the rar again. I'm still making minor tweaks to numbers as I go, but the big change from yesterday is how i decided to address the flute/rod vs racket issue.

Instead of your mag+2 approach i decided to boost staves, rods and flutes to have higher atk than rackets (55-50 range) and use the magic formula (just like spd and spirit weapons but uses magic instead). Given that another issue of the imbalance is the fact that rackets can be wind-boosted, i gave whale's whisker water and angelic flute holy. Since magic is usually MUCH higher than spd for those characters, it should compensate somewhat the fact that they require the front row.

As for shops, i just readded some permanently missable weapons to late game shops, like the Chain Mail i mentioned.


You'll find both csv exported from my mod and those from the vanilla game, all you have to do is a diff of the folders, or open files up in excel

In 99% of cases, only numbers i've touched are atk, price, def, mdef, eva and m.eva. No stat bonuses other the ones you changed (ditto for elemental resistances/boots) and the steepled's hat (changed from +str to +mag), no changes to addons (and i don't plan to). I also made Circlet mage-only, golden skullcap male only and made Silk Robe and Mage's robe craftable earlier, from Treno and BM village respectively (no need to delay them so much since they are easily acquired through other means anyway). Vanilla prices are more often than not the guiding hand in balancing those stat totals since they faithfully tell when a certain item is first acquired.

PS: Still ongoing as i haven't done armlet and gauntlets yet but it's gonna be very straightforward. a bit more skewed towards m.eva the former, and a bit more towards physical eva. the latter. Also current numbers are likely to change after hearing your opinion but this is more than enough to show you my design idea.

EDIT: RAR Updated with arm protections changes

Another thing worth considering: items required for crafting that become permanently missable as you progress through the game. Chain Mail is an example, required for Power Belt

I want it to outclass Feathered hat: it's acquired later (dali vs lindblum) and costs more. True progression for those follows vanilla prices, with +1 total defs for each one from leather hat to Magus Hat.

Robes are a much more pressing issue BTW. If you're interested when i'm done with it i can upload the CSV from hades workshop, they make comparisons easy.

EDIT: another easy to spot issue: dumb jump in def for the last 3 heavy armors and last 2 hats

Other stuff i'm noticing as I play.

There's some imbalance in early game weapons. I think Steiners are too weak and Zidane's too good. Notable Vivi gaining access to the Oak Staff before Burmecia (atk 23) while steiner doesn't even have the mythril sword (20). Armors... minor stuff like Headgear being worse than Steepled Hat despite costing more (perfectly fixed with -1 mdef to SH and +1 mdef to Headger).

Robes have too much def, even more than heavy armor options acquired around the same time. Check Cotton robe vs linen cuirass... that's not acceptable. Also the cotton robe trick (infinite money) is worth considering.

BTW do let me know if you disagree with something, i'm interested in hearing your thoughts

Don't worry too much about my numbers. I think i'll just make a mod for myself using (a lot of) stuff from yours.
So use anything I write as you see fit, i'm not going to argue with what you decide to do.

As for armors, i do agree with your 2 changes. Then Defense like attack, balanced around "when is acquired" with heavy armor > zidane/amarant only > light > robe. Opposite for magic defense, for a bit of flavor. I do think the game is already more or less built around this concept.

About other stat weapons... i haven't tested how big the gap is between str spirit spd and mag. So i really can't say anything about the "spr weapons need higher attack" thing. I decided on these numbers in just about 1 hour from zero so they're anything but final. Maybe i'll add more atk, maybe more spd/spr here and there (on the char. themselves?), maybe i'll remove the spirit formula from some weapons (like knight's swords). Dunno yet.

Probably i'll make daggers use the spd formula and staves/rods use the magic formula. It's currently unused and works just like the spd/str one. Again, just for flavor.

The formulae displayed in HW are all wrong :/

They are displayed? Also yeah, i assumed the averaging: the wiki at Final_Fantasy_IX_weapons has the same formula you reported.

nice anyway. I can make staves and rods use magic without issues lol.

I already threw some numbers with pen an paper. Changes are mostly mid to endgame, and made to follow the original power ranking. Steiner has the best weapons, then Zidane blades/amarant, then Freija/Zidane daggers.


* E2 to 94, UW to 90 (why the huge jump for these 2 alone)?
* Bistrofork 71, Gastrofork 88 (quina's weapons are always much stronger than everyone else's, why do they tank so hard in the lategame?)
* Orichalcon 63, Masamune 77 (masamune requires orichalcon but is weaker?)
* KL, DH 80 and 71 (same as you)
* Dragon's Claw 48, Tiger fang 55, Avenger 64, Kaiser Knucle 70 (DC and Scissor fang should be much closer since they're acquired around the same time, the others followed suit)

Idea: minor power boost to staves and rods (like current power / 10) and make them use the magical formula.

Balance is around "when is acquired" following the power ranking dictated by lower level weapons (no changes until oeilvert mogshop included). Didn't care about different formulas.

Spirit formula and speed formula are not boosts. Instead of using 100% str they average Str and the other stat, be it magic, spirit or speed. The true boost is only for the lv formula of the StQ

PS: i opened his file in HW, that's how i was able to report those issues

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