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Thoughts about reviving the project

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--- Quote from: FFreak on 2014-06-04 19:00:22 ---But without a proper support from the real creator , it will not be posiible at all

--- End quote ---
There is some truth to that. The original founders of this project have a tool for injecting voice clips over the dialogue, and without that (or a new tool by someone else to achieve the same result) no amount of recordings can revive this project.

Anyone have any idea if Shard's program would work with FF7?

@Covarr true that. But I think it could be kinda hard to conntact one of them, if it is eaven possible.
I think they dont want to hear anything about that project anymore. And writting a new one wouldnt be the same, I know how long it took to write that one, and coding a new one from nothing would take so long and then the recording hmm

But ok , lets just see maybe anyone on the forum knows how to conntact the dev.

Mayo Master:
If you manage to get the project off the ground, count me in, I would be happy to volunteer for "random unimportant NPC" such as shop clerks and the like. My girlfriend also studied voice acting - it's a shame she's not a native English speaker, and she has too strong an accent for being in the main cast - but I bet she'd be interested in voicing some NPCs, as well.


--- Quote from: genesis063 on 2014-06-04 20:23:56 ---Anyone have any idea if Shard's program would work with FF7?

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Kaldarasha has already requested that, and I've started rewriting the code that loads/saves the files (it turns out FF7 and FF8 use slightly different formats for the FMT files, which is why it wasn't working for 7). Unfortunately, my FF8 Voiceover Project is a month away from casting, and I'm busy dealing with callbacks so I don't have a lot of time to work on the program.

Additionally, FF7 apparently only supports up to 750 sound effects (nobody has explained to me why, I'm assuming it's hard-coded into the engine), so unless someone edits the exe to support more sounds, a VO project for FF7 isn't really viable with my program anyway. You'd need a third party program to monitor the game and play sounds accordingly from a different file or folder.


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