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Thoughts about reviving the project

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Not sure if anyone is still here or not, or if I can still help, but i'd love to try and do some voices! I've never done anything like this so it would be new, It doesn't matter for who it would be for, but i'd love to see this mod play out into something big, and i'd love to contribute!

Auditions ended over a month ago. You're late to the party.

Send a demo reel (preferably of FF7 characters since you said you're new) showing off your voice range and acting talent to [email protected] If we notice it, and it's really good, you MIGHT be able to voice some minor characters in the future.

Well i'm glad that this is still happening! Great news to hear and yeah i'll try it out and get them there pretty soon!
I'll do some of the main characters just for an example, I don't expect to be picked since they ended already, but just for an easy idea of what to do!
Thanks Shard, I'll get on it when I can.

I am also so very glad for your message, Shard!

I wish you the best of luck with this amazing project! ;)

Looking very much forward to this!!!


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