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I played this game so much, but I need a mod to skip dialogue (kalm etc)

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Hi everyone, just joined here after lurking and enjoying the mods here for a while. Anyway, I know the FF7 story inside out, now I want to play this game just for the battle system (playing hardcore gjoerulv's mod right now) are there any mods that can skip the long ass dialogue that often happens (eg kalm flashback, after jenova death, clouds memories etc etc)? Please tell me something exists for this.

You can speed up the game by 8x on the latest version of The Reunion, but that's the closest thing I'm aware of.

EDIT: Oh, and it also lets you skip FMVs.

Yes speeding up the game is the only option I guess.

Interesting DLPB. Would that be the ability just to skip the Kalm Flashback or to skip scenes with dialogue altogether?

Just a stab in the dark, but I'm guessing it'll be completely skipping it by adding a script/conversation option at the very beginning, then advancing the GM counter if you do skip.
Edit:  Are you sure you want to skip, though?  There is that elemental materia in Tifa's piano, which can only be acquired if you "jam" on it during the flashback...


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