Author Topic: Roses and Wine problem  (Read 6304 times)


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Roses and Wine problem
« on: 2013-12-26 15:35:17 »
Hi guys. First of all, I would like to thank all the modders and devs out here who are doing a good job in keeping the final fantasy ps games updated after all this time. Now for my problem:

I have recently purchased a steam version of FFVIII(but I also have the old 2000 copy) as I wanted to try out if there were new things applied to the game. It's been a while and I was quite happy that there are a whole bunch of modders updating this game. I set my sights on DLPB's RaW since it features rich music much more superior to that of the midi used(i dunno why square did this especially for a pc game). These are the steps i followed in trying to install RaW

1. Installed FFVIII Steam
2. DL RaW and the updated RaW.dll
3. Install RaW(I uninstalled my antivirus and opened the app as admin), ticked 2013 version, ticked 'all' in music
4. Installation done. C&P'd the RaW.dll
5. I started the game but when it was time for "Overture" to play, it wasn't there. I tried to play through the intro but the Balamb theme wasn't playing. There was also a "vol=100" file so i think that's the max volume there is.
6. Uninstalled RaW and then reinstalled again. This time I only chose the OST.
7. Played the game and the rich sound experience was back. I progressed through pre-Timber mission when I decided to use the latest Hyne(yeah i know i wanted Tornado fast). BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM my save game was deleted. Even the backup file can't be read :(
8. Uninstalled the Steam version and installed the classic 2000 FFVIII
9. Updated it to v1.2
10. Installed aali's driver, edited it to my liking
11. Configured FFVIII through it's configuration app
12. Installed RaW again, this time ticking the "2000" version and the 'all'.
13. C&P'd RaW.dll
14. Opened the game but again, the problem presented in 5 reoccurred.
15. Repeated step 6 but this time, the OST won't even play. Looked through ff8_opengl.cfg and the line 'load_library = "RaW" was there so I don't know what the underlying problem could be :(
16. Tried the SGT's but it was awful

Hi DLPB I hope you can help me on this one. I'm hoping i'm not the first to experience this >_<


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Re: Roses and Wine problem
« Reply #1 on: 2015-05-02 16:37:59 »
I have the same problem and I'm seeking the older version of RaW.


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Re: Roses and Wine problem
« Reply #2 on: 2016-01-18 14:42:29 »
Since you had no answers i'll reply even though the topic is old.
In order for Rose and Wine to play you must start it by using FF8+.exe, it's a daemon that will start the game and wait for it's process to open, otherwise you'll have no music !