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Hey !

The last tool of mine is a FF randomizer. It's a kind of tools that quickly refreshes the game by randomizing some of its content. That's a bit popular in the speedrunning scene where there are already runners taking a break on randomized versions of other Final Fantasies (I discovered it myself with FFX, as there's a tool for randomizing the sphere grids).

The spells are randomized among the spells used by the party in the vanilla game. For instance, Vivi can get Stock Break or Dagger can get Doomsday.
The weapons and armors also teach random abilities.

Another thing it can do is randomizing both the cards that the enemies drop and the cards used by the opponents during Treno's tournament.

Here is the download link :
Meteor On Final Fantasy IX

UPDATE NOTE: I included the Randomizer inside my other FF9 modding tool, though there are several differences.
I suggest to use that other tool, Hades Workshop, instead of this one when playing with the PC version of the game or a non-US PSX version. The only problem with Hades Workshop's Randomizer is that it's complicated to randomize properly the 4 discs of the PSX version with coherency (you'd need to save the modifications as .hws between each disc). Hades Workshop's version also adds an option to randomize the enemies' spells.
Documentation about the Randomizer integrated in Hades Workshop can be found here.

It only works with the american version of the game. Don't forget to apply the changes on all the 4 discs !

--- Code: ---////////////////
// How to Use //
1) Launch "MeteorOnFF9.exe",
2) On each of the panels, toggle the options to what you wish (options are detailed in the Readme file),
3) [Optional] Go to "File -> Choose random seed" and input a number ; if several people input the same number and have the same settings, they will have the same randomized game (for a race for instance),
4) On each of the panels, click on "Go" to trigger the randomization,
5) [Optional] You may click on the characters to see which abilities they obtained,
6) Go to "File -> Save" and select the game's ISO file(s) (you may select all the 4 discs at once by holding Ctrl),
7) Enjoy!

You may revert to un-randomized game by clicking on "File -> Reset to normal game" and then save.
--- End code ---

Have fun  8-)

Sega Chief:
This sounds really cool. I always enjoyed a good randomiser, thanks very much for this.

Woah. Is Could, say, Steiner equip the Gastro Fork or Eiko any of the lances?

It doesn't change the characters' weapons. Quina can still only equip forks but those forks teach different abilities.

However, it is possible to make anyway equip any weapon with other tools (Hades Workshop or Memoria). I don't think there's any bug with it.

I have no name:
With the Dropbox update, the download link for this is no longer considered valid and I couldn't find a mirror elsewhere- they all pointed back here.

edit: and of course after posting that I couldn't find another link, I found another link. The one given here is still dead though, and that was worth pointing out.


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