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Background mods not working


So, I don't know why, but my background textures are not working. I've followed the Installation Guide from Lunatic Pandora and everything else is working. The character models, the GFs, the Battle Backgrounds, the enemy models, but not the world backgrounds and not the UI.
I can't install Reshade, it just causes an unknown exception no matter what I choose, even if I select to not install any of the options. Then I have to uninstall Reshade to get the game to run again.
Am I supposed to be running it in some compatibility mode or something?
Windows 10
Steam Version
All Mods in The Lunatic Pandora Modlist.
Project Angelwing Gigapixel version.
Anyone. Anyone at all. Please. Please. If you want more info, I'll give you more info. At this point I might paypal or cashapp someone $20 if they could help me fix it. Please!

For anyone stumbling upon this, the current (September 2022) correct link for the Angelwing mod is:


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