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[PSX/PC] scene.bin Importer/Exporter - Rufus (1.0)


I release a new tool!

scene.bin editors are not always nice with us
No, I will not announce a new full-GUI editor, because I don't have time for a new big project. Sorry...
BUT! In my old programs I have several tools never released to the public, created for the honorable french retranslation project (Néo-Midgar)

So I removed dust from this first tool to be released: Rufus
This is a command-line tool to export/import all the texts from the scene.bin. It can also update the battle section of the kernel.bin if needed.
It can be useful if you want to translate the battle module of FF7.

Download here
Examples here

Thanks myst6re, always contributing to the FF community.


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