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FF7 Tools / Re: Hojo 1.0 - enemies editor
« on: 2013-12-16 11:28:22 »
Hey guys, I downloaded this brilliant program and on the whole it works just like i had wished for.

however for some reason i find that editing several enemy combatants breaks the game.

[what do you mean?]

Ok so I wanted to make a mod for it where all the enemies in the game have 5 times as much health as their stock value and give twice as much AP/XP.

It worked really well and doing the first reactor was seriously hardcore mode without needing to spend the entire time on the backrow and with sadness. (4000HP for guard scorpion was too much, you could ONLY JUST beat it but you'd be completely spent and would never escape the reactor alive, especially when you get attacked by large groups of NPC's with 5 times their usual health, so had to drop some values slightly) BUT ANYWAY.

Everything was running smoothly until i reached the part where i would have to fight the Sample boss in hojo's lab,  Instead of fighting the Sample:H0512 and the lesser Sample minions it puts you in the corridor of the Shinra tower against a Zenene, with blood on the floor signifying its the escape section of the Shinra HQ, when this is impossible.

[what have you changed?]

I only edited the monsters HP/MP reward AP/XP and Gil

[has it happened before?]

Yes, I wanted to edit the Midgar Zolom because its the only enemy that has the boss death animation after a certain point in the game, so i figured making this really strong wouldbe great with the boss death, so i made it have like 200000 HP, increased its magic and attack strength so that it was beastly and could maul players of level 75 as my characters were.

So with all the stuff set i went and tried to fight it. and when the snake bumps into you in the swamp the fight scene is not against the midgar zolom, it is against Rufus on top of the shinra building!?

really really frustrating, in no way did i change the battle scenes or anything else other than the basic enemy stats.

[what version of Hojo are you using]

Im using version 1.1 thats the latest one i could find.

hey thanks you guys, y'all really helped and ive managed to edit the players characters back to where i was before i lost it, sadly i had to start again but it was fun anyway so no biggy.

my question now is does anyone know of a program that enables you to edit the NPC enemies in the game, i would absolutely love that. i need to make them harder to beat :(

mm... it seems im not allowed to send personal messages?

sithord how do you want the donation sending to you?

ah, I had already got all the characters on my original steam saved file but this still happened, (since it ate that save after i edited what i could to get my self back to where i was before this whole mess began)

I will gladly donate the entire fund to you if you can help with this, I can tell such an amazing amount of work has gone into this program. guh, means id need to find my card reader... i'll have a look for it tomorow.

mm, ive never had cloud saving active but it still deletes them. there is a place in the steam folder to put save games too? maybe that would work

EDIT: also I cant edit Vincent or Cait Sith in the party tab. a second Cloud and Sephiroth are both there instead?? is this a bug?

Hello there all, i have also recently been born from the internet-lifestream to ask a question about this program.

I too am having this problem
whenever I open ff7 through steam, it deletes the file I created.  I read somewhere that starting in offline mode would fix it, so I tried that, and my file was still deleted.  I'm going to try to disable cloud saves and see if that works.

Edit2: annnnd.... nope.  nada.  Idk, any suggestions?

I have the latest version of this lovely program but i cant seem to get the steam version of the game to respond, it just deletes the save every time,

for the whole game I wanted yuffie to date cloud and i did everything i could but still, when it came to the time, i saw Aeris enter the room and wanted to hang myself (jk)

so i tried to use a glitch id heard of where if you encounter yuffie and answer the questions right 4 out of 5 times you get +2 love points for ever answer and then she runs away, and if you repeat this its supposed to stack the values, i did this 20 times! to make sure beyond a shadow of a doubt cloud would date yuffie, it took forever, and then STILL DIDNT WORK.

so now ive turned to this program, but i cant get it to work without my saves being deleted, and like a dipstick i forgot to back up my original saves (not that i wanted them with aeris being the one getting dated) so now i need this to avoid playing the whole game again

Edit3: woo hoo, figured it out.  great tool, now that I figured out what the problem was.

what did you do to fix it?? I think quite a few people would really like to know.

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