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Releases / Re: More Realistic World Map Animations
« on: 2020-11-29 22:54:59 »
Great, installing it now. I'll test the animations later.

It is possible to make new animations for Sephiroth (the non battle NPC), the way he walks... well, looks weird.

How can I edit a .png file already converted with Palmer?

Thanks to Mcindus and other modders we already have new battle backgrounds, new UI, characters, enemies, FMVs, weapons, worldmap textures...

The most important thing left is a version of Project AngelWing v3.0 (for all languages) compatible with Demaster. The pixelated backgrounds is the only "non remastered" content left.

« on: 2020-06-29 00:40:21 »
No funciona ninguno de los links.  :(

Support / Replacing Crisis Core Music?
« on: 2020-05-24 17:05:17 »
There is any tutorial or tool in order to change Crisis Core's music?

Thank you.

Troubleshooting / FFVII - Change Leader
« on: 2020-05-24 16:45:21 »
There is any trainer or save editor to change the leader? (To play as Tifa or Cid and explore the world) I've tried with Black Chocobo but I can only change the battle party members.

Thank you.

This mod looks amazing! Thank you for this CC Remaster textures.

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2020-04-28 02:44:31 »
Thank you so much for making this mod. The backgrounds are amazing. I can't wait to see in a future Nibelheim and the Shinra manor.

Thank you, I'll wait.

Can you write a step by step tutorial, please? I don't know exactly how to add these two mods:

Thank you so much for creating this tool, we're so close to have the definitive edition of FFVIII.

If i start the Launcher (offline and Forceplay too) its not loading game. Only a little window with "An Unknown exeption has occurrend".

If i Change in Demaster Options the "DIRECT_IO   [CORE]- loads files from unpacked archives" than Game starts normal.
I have the exact same error with the 1.2.4 version. I've the Remastered Edition, in spanish, Windows 7, 64 Bits. If the first option is unchecked the game works.

How's the mod progress? any updates? :)
Yeah, it sucks that this mod isn't compatible with the Remaster because we can't unpack-rebuild the new files format. It would be the perfect combination. :'(

There is any way to make it compatible with the remaster?

Thank you so much. The characters from the Remaster look so great, but the battle scenarios and the worldmap textures are awful.


Ok, I extracted the textures with the tool. But Tonberry: Enhanced (2.04) doesn't work. The DLLs are not compatible anymore?

It's possible to make the ZZZ tool able to rebuild again the extracted folder into a .zzz file instead of making a new Tonberry version?

It looks like Tonberry don't work with the Remaster. I'm the only one? I wanted to change the Battle Backgrounds and the worldmap, but nothing happens.

i don't see the censoring , really don't if you look at the original artwork. and even the original ps1 siren she is covered by the harp. and the feathers yes they now cover her more , i just don't get the hoo ha.
She is censored. This is the original art:

And this is from the original game:

She has now a skirt. This is censorship. They censored Kairi's underwear in Kingdom Hearts II remaster like they censored Tifa in FFVII Remake and all this weird stuff from their new "Ethics Department" for character's designs.

The new Siren isn't bad. But I really hate censorship, I just can't stand it. I love this game and I want it untainted. If Mcindus or someone else makes it possible I'll be always grateful to him for that.  :)

Siren is censored in the remaster. Is possible to replace her with the Hellfire model?  :lol:

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