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Title: [FF7PC98] Issue using 7H with original Spanish release.
Post by: [email protected] on 2020-07-17 15:51:54

I'm using 7H with the original PC'98 Spanish release of FF7. It is known that 7H uses English FF7.EXE to run the game.
Although it works, my intention is to adapt the texts of English FF7.EXE into Spanish.

I have nearly done that, the only work is to make some tests in the game.

But, I've seen that the Spanish graphics for Minigames (snowboard, chocobo...) that uses English FF7.EXE are limited by the English FF7.EXE. I have solved the problems with snowboard minigame and now I'm checking the Chocobo Race minigame.

This is the issue I found:


It should say "CARRERAS DE CHOCOBOS", but it seems that the size is limited by the english graphics.

In snowboard I've found the X/Y pos and Width and Height of the images in the texture files and the X/Y-Pos in English FF7.EXE. I've looked in a lot of places, even other translations and disassembled Eng FF7.EXE searching by the X/Y position and sizes of the source images (ag.tex, ah.tex of chocobo.lgp), but I have no idea how treats FF7.EXE this data.

Anybody could help me a bit or tell me a place where to search for this information? I like to learn the things by myself, but right now I have not such luck with this, so, I decided to post a question.

Thank you very much in advanced to this 7H great community.

Title: Re: [FF7PC98] Issue using 7H with original Spanish release.
Post by: [email protected] on 2020-07-28 10:25:42
This thread can be closed/deleted. :D