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Not exactly. EA FF FF IS the Character Name variable. I believe FF FF had some function at one time as all the substitution texts have that padding. If you substitute EA with other things you get other results. I believe it actually points to meta data that gets translated and EA is "Name of playable actor that invoked text". It only works in the Marquee, however, so you can't change item names/descriptions to dynamically indicate player ownership like who gets what limit manual (a plague on first-time players).

As for the final fight, it has its own custom code that does a lot of interesting things. The biggest issue is that the battle formation itself increases all party actors' limit gauges so when the function at 0x4320AC gets called around 0x43244A it flags all the party for breaking limits and queues the marquee appropriately. It never checks if there actually IS an actor in that slot so it just displays them all.

Completely Unrelated / Re: why
« on: 2020-03-26 19:02:36 »

Given the small number of acceptable values they’re more likely to be waypoints that emerald travels from one to another. The code isn’t complex enough to be finding a wall. Coding collision detection is harder than you’d think.

No, 01A is not used which is why I mentioned it. Codes that I find that are valid and unused are more interesting to me than codes that are. :)

I'm still trying to figure out what the format of output these distance codes generate. They make little sense to me. Both 018 and 01B take a single argument and compare it to some preloaded value (between 0 and Fh inclusive) and do some weird comparisons on it.

Code: [Select]
  if ( CurrentActor.X - Destination.X <= 0 )
    v5 = -(CurrentActor.X - Destination.X);
    v5 = CurrentActor.X - Destination.X;
  deltaX = v5;
  if ( v5 >= 24000 )
    deltaX = 48000 - v5;

  if ( CurrentActor.Y - Destination.Y <= 0 )
    deltaY = -(CurrentActor.Y - Destination.Y);
    deltaY = CurrentActor.Y - Destination.Y;

  if ( CurrentActor.Z - Destination.Z <= 0 )
    v3 = -(CurrentActor.Z - Destination.Z);
    v3 = CurrentActor.Z - Destination.Z;
  deltaZ = v3;
  if ( v3 >= 1C000 )
    deltaZ = 38000 - v3;

  return deltaZ + deltaY + deltaX;
That's my best guess, but I'm not sure what that output would tell you. In the context of Emerald Weapon they seem to be some form of circular path and direction finding.

Awesome! I can't tell you anything definite yet, but here's what little I've found so far:

Code 01B is similar to code 018 (distance to Point) and Code 321 (also currently unknown). It might be a "find midpoint between two points" function, but it doesn't care about the vertical values of either point. This is susceptible to a divide by 0 error. Probably not an issue, but don't call this if the points are directly on the x or z axis.
Code 01A is a valid code, but there's no documentation on it. It looks like it's probably the distance between two points or two models. I'm not sure which.

Welcome Bakura!

I don't check the email on my account very often so I'm sorry if I missed a message you sent.

As the PC version goes, you cannot dummy an enemy action to look like a summon. The value required for that would be at least 16Eh just to get to Choco/Mog's action. That's at two bytes long and the animation IDs can only be one. Limits might be able to look like a summon, but WallMarket and ProudClod cannot and will not modify limits.

This is great and a LONG needed addition to the set of tools. If you want any help interpreting any undocumented script codes or improving source code readability I'd be happy to offer my services.

General Discussion / Re: how do I like a user ?
« on: 2020-03-16 23:58:42 »
You can “like” a user once you have a high enough user level yourself. Individual posts can’t be liked.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Womp Womp Womp
« on: 2020-03-16 18:42:24 »
My god, you two are like an old married couple who refuse to get a divorce because you're afraid of what the neighbors will say.  Give it a rest already.
Can't upvote enough. Take this argument and all it's toxicity to Facebook. This community can be great if people stop inciting/feeding/acting like trolls.

It’s good that you were willing to go back to the roots. The official original has its charms and its flaws. Half the game is broken, but so many things are so gratifying to experience. The music is amazing and killing the bosses feels really satisfying.
Now go play the PSP/mobile edition and see why those are clearly the definitive version. :)


eBay if that doesn’t work

If I remember correctly, the opening cinematic has to be 15fps or the bombing run music will be out of sync but its possible I may be mistaken about this and its simply something that can be changed if you know how
The field that runs the cinematic assumes 15fps. It can be changed easily enough to wait for twice as many frames before bring the music and characters up.

I don't know the exact numbers off the top of my head, but there shouldn't be any harm in replacing those in your first group. Just remember to update your KERNEL.BIN's SLUT when you recompile.

FF7 Tools / Re: Simple speedhack for FF7
« on: 2020-01-29 17:51:26 »
What is this doing? Reducing the cycle-waiting time between frame redraws or actually optimizing some of the graphic function calls?

There is a Final Fantasy 3 PSP, but it's 3D, not sprite based, same as the DS version.

Huh. That's a 2012 game. I only had the DS and didn't know there was anything after that other than the mobile ports. The PSP one looks like a port of the mobile port which is a port of the DS one. :)

Three is best on DS. There is no PSP for it, sadly. The PSP makes 1, 2, and 4+ outstanding to play! 3 is still mediocre, but not unbearable. The grind is real. :P

The originals of the 2D FFs do not age well. Each of them have some pretty disappointing flaws that remakes fix.

Nearly half of the magics in 1 don't work right.
Encounter rate of 2 is way too high.
3 isn't balanced well at all with difficulty spikes galore. (retargeting still doesn't exist in the remake and there are still some sharp difficulty spikes, though fewer of them.)
4 has a disappointingly small inventory system and never gives you a choice of party members.

5 and 6 have a PSX port that don't differ enough from the source to make them worth playing. They're basically the SNES versions with longer loading times and some translation fixes. The GBAs and on use a better script and have additional content. The mobile versions at least have a decent viewing aspect, but the Steam ports look ugly as sin with background tiles that don't match up and sprites that don't look like they were designed at the same time.

FF7, off course, has not officially been remade or updated at all. Any release after 1998 is just fine, but the music and FMVs suck on PC without mods.
FF8 should be on steam. No mods needed, but there are some that make it look "better".

If you can get your hands on 12 Zodiac Age you might find it fun.

1) Would require rewriting nearly everything. No joke. So many mechanics and functions depend on there being no more than three party members. You might as well rewrite most of the game from scratch.

2) Item duping in general is about ~98% fixed with current mods. There are some weird niche cases where items can be duped without W-Item, but it's impossible to predict.

3) This is quite simple. Probably changing one byte from a relative jump to an absolute jump or an assignment to nop

4) Possible, but requires significant rewriting of some menu items.

5) I'm not sure how FFT's ATB differs from, say, FF10s. That would be possible by pausing the ATB while the menu is up and progressively calculating the next actor to take a turn. This would make skipping/deferring action more difficult to implement.

6) Maybe. Easier than 1, I'm sure. However, there's not a lot of space for more weapons. At least as far as the PC is concerned, the weapon array is fixed length. You could double up on certain weapons, but that wouldn't make new character very unique.

7) Possible now. It takes a lot of work, though. Walkmeshes, entrance/exit points, scripts, layers, etc.

Actually, the max is 3D. That's even more bizarre. Maybe the gauge is 61 pixels long.

Starting at 0x5C766A and ending at 0x5C76AB. That's definitely limiting the needed exp bar value to 3D.

tbh... it's a joke that the inner bar isn't been calculated on the fly...  that it has a separate var is ridiculous.
Kind of yes and kind of no. I can easily imagine that it takes a toll on processing power on the PSX's part to calculate a percentage of needed EXP each time the menu is loaded for each character. It might have created a delay that the development team wasn't willing to accept and just made it calculate it at the end of every battle when a lot of background calculations were happening anyway. It might have been overcome at some point and adjusting it to calculate on the fly never got reexamined.

The max is 3F? That is dumb. I'll look into it. Thanks

There’s one on media fire that’s linked to from the blog. Use that link for now

0x5DD53D and 0x5DD540

You're using the real hex addresses not the virtual ones. That's going to throw me off...

The DP modifier starts at 0x1DC916. Changing that 7 will change the divisor for the kills, but it can only be powers of 2 (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc). A little further down at 0x1DC93D is the instruction C1 F8 04 which is the /16 and the following instruction at 0x1DC40 is 83 C0 0A which is your +10.

The actual modifier formula is ([power * kills / 128] / 16) + 10. not (10 + [power * kills / 128]) / 16.

All the ultimate weapons have "AX" damage formula types which just means "use 11 damage type and a special modifier". You can change the modifier in the exe to perform different checks. If you want details  you'll need to be more specific on what exactly you want it to do.

Completely Unrelated / Re: How old is everyone? v2
« on: 2019-11-19 13:31:20 »
A ten-year necro. Shame on you! :P

Though now I'm 12102 in negative trinary! :D

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