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Releases / Re: NPC Reconstruction Project
« on: 2007-05-03 18:08:47 »
Ok... got it ;) Thanks for making it clear anyway. BTW I'm playing the game from my widescreen laptop running Windows Vista with no errors at all :D

EDIT: Runs even smoother than on XP. Didn't have any of the issues I used to have on XP till now. Weird, huh?

MOD EDIT: I'm not even going to ask why you would double post, only to quote your entire first post with nothing to add... I'll just delete. I'm the Deletor!

Releases / Re: NPC Reconstruction Project
« on: 2007-05-03 10:40:16 »
Thing is that with the NPC intaller you have yo target the folder: "...\final fantasy VII\data\" instead of: "...\final fantasy VII\data\field\char\".  This is some kind of mistake with the patcher.  I think it will be fixed with the next version.

hope it helped.

This is fixed in the current version, right? The installer displays the correct path now. Wanted to make a hex fix for it since next version release so I don't see any confused newbies anymore, but as I see targeting seems to be just fine now :)

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 7 Source
« on: 2007-03-01 15:54:34 »
An RPG in a FPS engine.

No offense, there is no possible way you could script any encounters, materia, story, ANYTHING in Source, its not possible.

Ever heard of the Chrono Trigger Remake Project (aka Chrono Trigger: Resurection, a project with the aim to revive Square's Chrono Trigger [SNES/PSX] with 3D Graphics)? They did it all with the Unreal Tournament 2004 Engine, which isn't an FPS, but it sure is hell of hard to implement the CT Battle System into it... at least that's what I think.
Just see the trailer to see how amazing results they got.

Oh, man I cried so much the day they announced the cancellation  :cry:

From what I have seen so far, there are various mods using the Source Engine which are really a lot of work...

Anyways, what I'm trying to point at is that one should never underestimate the power of dedicated fans, that's why I used the example of Chrono Trigger.

i'll be honest and say i downloaded an NTSC-US copy of FF7, BUT i do own the PC and PSX (PAL) versions.
Reason being is all the pal games i've got don't convert properly because of the screen position problem.
I even tried a heap of PAL-NTSC patchers and they all failed miserably.

I'm so glad I got my copy from the US :D This also goes for FFVIII-FFIX  :-)

And, by the way, halkun, I don't think this can be referred to as piracy, in case you own the original game, but just as an illegal (or not) way of patching a game to play on an emulator.

OE-C is out now, so the PBPs don't have to be encrypted anymore. (Keys are not needed)

I trust you guys are using your own copies of the game for the PSP right?


Of course ;) I already got 3.03 OE-C and everything works cool, halkun. Thanks for reporting, though!! By the way, do you own a PSP, too?

Glitches include: battle swirl, slightly off small sound, and blinky battle names when using one character. But this only happens when using compression levels 9, 8, and 6.

Oh!! Now I got it! I didn't get any glitches, because I have an uncompressed PBP. (When I converted it I was still on 3.02 OE-B). Thakns for making it clear though ;)

General Discussion / Re: Crisis Core TGS Trailer
« on: 2007-01-25 10:27:02 »

Now I have someone to help me translate Shoko Nakagawa clips!

Lucky you ;)

Did they want to be like their idols, kill without mercy, as they have been practicing on their computers a few hundred times before?

 :? I didn't get that part?!? Do they mean that in FFVII you take the role of a killer and destroy the world??? F*ckin Press!!  :x

General Discussion / Re: Crisis Core TGS Trailer
« on: 2007-01-17 09:11:26 »
[...]to all my English speaking buddies at Qhimm.
Wow  :-o Are you maybe Japanese? ~~KAKOI DESU NE!! ~~
When the game comes out in Japan make sure to tell us your opinion (I wish I could read Kanji... that way I'd be able to play it myself 'cause I can read/write Hiragana, but I couldn't play Final Fantasy XII that way :()

The game looks really promising although the battle-system doesn't seem to be turn-based, but more hack n' slash style.
Anyways, there are lots of scan rip images available at Spiras Destiny. Enjoy ;)

Anyway... correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that Reno and Sephiroth aren't exactly friends in FF7.

You don't need to search for a relation between Reno and Sephiroth... these guys just chose their favorite bad guys and committed random murders. I think they got the game after watching Advent Children and I don't think they even went far in the game, and that's because they were nuts!!! Why should we blame the game if the ones who played it were psychos? :x (I wouldn't say this if they were 12-year olds, but keep in mind we're talking about two 17-year old students.) There are thousands of games far more violent out there, is Final Fantasy VII really that violent??

PS: The thread title in German would be: "Final Fantasy VII ist ein Killerspiel!" (right, Alhexx? :-D). Jari doesn't care though... and why should he? ;)

only one small glitch in battle (not annoying at all) and everything else runs perfect

 :? I don't get any glitches at all on FFVII... I have a few problems with FFVIII, though (like randm\om crashes when summoning the Carbuncle GF)! Anyways, we can say that FFVII is COMPLETELY playable on the PSP now, thanks to Dark_AleX's custom firmware and POPStation converter. :D

This is Memorial Address, it's one of my favorite songs. It's about when she learned that her father, who she had only met once in her life, had died.

...I saw the video... it's truly awesome!! Great lyrics and performance!! Wow... and it's from a live concert! She must have a pretty good voice, I mean, although she's crying... you know what I want to say, in such a situation I guess it would be pretty hard to actually sing at all, but her voice comes out beautiful...
Well, I'll keep watching everything else I find on YouTube to see if other songs of her are that great, too!
Anyways, thank you for the link :)

Sorry to go off topic:
Lately I have been listening Rolling Star by Yui, which is also the opening track to Bleach.

I love this opening, too ^^ You know there are a lot of JPop anime OP/ED (Opening/Ending) songs that I like. I also forgot to mention L'Arc~en~Ciel by the way, some of their songs are pretty good :)

Except that it it's not.

What do you mean :? I didn't say it was you :P Let's take TheSkillster's avatar as an example. His avatar is Cloud, but he's not Cloud... or is he :wink:?
Anyways, it's a fact that this Ayumi Hamasaki is really hot/cute (moe in Japanese) I'll check out her website although I'm not much into JPop (there are some exceptions though, like Home Made Kazoku). I prefer JRock - but I'm not a great fan of the Visual Kei genre either (although I like most of Dir En Grey's songs).

EDIT: Err... I think we got a bit out of topic here. If anybody has still questions comments on the subject feel free to post them. :)

Use of a modified ROM is illegal.
It is Sony's Proprietary code and if someone has to edit/patch/hack/reverse enginner it then using it makes it illegal and in breach of your EULA (There must be one in the box...).

Of course using an exploit to hijack the system and then play PSX PoPS wouldn't be illegal since sony are allowying you access to run unsigned code (heck that is what a loophole/ security hole is, and there isnt anything in your EULA about evading security..)

So there you are.

I got your point, that is what I thought, too! Thank you for making it clear anyway ;)

Well... I bring you some news about this topic. It's been a long time since I was active at this forum. Anyway, in the meanwhile I bought a PSP myself. But let's get to the point.

As Skillster mentioned, except from the Homebrew (User-made) PSX emulator for PSP, there's an official one by Sony going by the name of POPS (available from firmware version 3.0). Now Sony has launched a service where PSP users owning a PS3 are able to download some PSX games in a format launchable by POPS (by paying a price, of course). Let us say at this point that POPS is incomplete (from my point of view) butit  runs at full speed (nothing less expected from the PSone makers, right?).

Yesterday (or was it the day before?) a custom (hacked) version of the 3.02 firmware has been released, coming a tool which enables users to convert their own PSX ISO Images to launchable games and transfer/launch them on PSP without the need of a PS3. Well, check this out for more info on FFVII... it's 100% PLAYABLE!

Note: The tool also allows the user to make a game icon/background picture to be displayed on the PSP menu. In the videos it isn't the same one (logically, because they aren't made by the same person). The second person also forgot to change the game name while converting (you get to see this when he opens the save data folder, 'Hot Shots Golf 2', he forgot changing the name from previous conversions, probably...).


PS 1: Here's a PSP wallpaper I've made featuring a not-so-famous shot from the upcoming PSP game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

I know... I suck at Photoshop :(

PS 2: Hey, Sad Jari, hope you're reading this text, feel free to criticize, I also see there's a spell-checking mod now (You might find it strange, but I've missed you, although all we did last time was quarrel about me saying things I shouldn't say, if you still remember ;) ) By the way, what happened to your post count?
PS 3: halkun, I think I'm in love... with your avatar! MOEEEEEEEEE :D
PS 4: Greetings fly also to Alhexx, Qhimm and all the others I've forgotten!

EDIT: Well, I'm sorry, I couldn't resist to test it myself! It works!!! It's running at FULL SPEED and sound is absolutely fine, too!

EDIT2: Seems like FFVII and FFIX are running at full speed, too!!

EDIT3: Some people claim that the use of the POPStation converter is legal, as long as one owns the original PSX Disc.  :|


Everything works fine now... I've even managed to run the game without the discs :D
Yeah, and resurrect a topic that had been happily dead for more than six months.

What is it with you, have you not read the rules, or are you having exceptionally massive problems understanding them? With your English proficiency exam, and all.

Listen, thus far you have tried your hardest to write in monkeyspeak, doublepost, and now resurrect old topics. My patience is really starting to wear thin, and lot better members who have pissed me off are are not here anymore.

Do you get my meaning?

(Just in case you are not proficient enough in English; that's a threat, since being nice obviously doesn't work with you. In case you think that I'm bluffing... well, you can try. Or ask Rubicant, Mofokubik, Undesirable, SheismyHeart, ButBut and his buddy, and the rest if they think I bluffed.)

I'm not looking for a fight, so I suggest that you think of this warning as a service to you. Very likely there won't be another one.

You are 100% right! All I have to say is that I'm sorry :cry:! (This topic should be closed, my mistake for reviving it!)

General Discussion / Re: Uh. Hello
« on: 2006-06-21 12:39:29 »
Oh yes, should you develop a habit of writing like this: "can any1 help me pleaze!!!111111", I will boil your balls over a slow fire, cut them off and eat them for a dinner. In that order.

He he he!!! Seems that you get really mad, when you see someone writing like that, my friend! Well... I have to tell you that I have gotten used to this style of writing (call it Monkey-ish or whatever), because I see people writing like that all the time in World of Warcraft or on mIRC... it doesn't really bug me personally... I could even say I like using shortened words (e.g. "u" in place of "you"), but not too much. Yep, Sad Jari, I overdid it on that other "illegal" thread I made (By the way, I have found a solution to my problem a few hours ago just by experimenting on my own! :-D) and I didn't pay attention to the punctuation either... it doesn't mean that I don't know the Grammar rules, but sometimes when chatting online I feel too bored to pay attention to them!

I have the same problem... ff7.exe (1.02 US) crashing right after the game goes to full-screen mode, when using the patch by The_SaiNt... I don't have any other tweaks installed.
I have the LATEST drivers for my MSI NX6600GT installed & Direct X 9.0c... I tried the method with Rivatune (as well as doing ANY possible changes to the Graphics tab of the v1.02 config), but with no success. However, I have KLM Codec Pack installed... could this be the reason for ff7.exe crashing?

I got the game running without having to uninstall the codec pack... I only had to use the second high-res patch, too! (the one for 1280x1024)
I also had to change the settings in the ff7 config utility to the following:
1. Check NVIDIA and select TNT
2. Set "Display resolution" to 640 x 480 16bpp (Full Screen)
3. Set "Renderer" to Direct3D Hardware

Everything works fine now... I've even managed to run the game without the discs :D

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack works fine, but other Codec Packs like ACE Mega CoDecS Pack cause the game to crash...

Archive / Re: Auto Run
« on: 2006-06-16 20:35:30 »
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this stuff is AWESOME!!! i was using it in the past and it really made the game look far better than it was originally (i also used to have the broken graphics problem with my nvidia vga on winxp but those tools helped me really out). Definately a MUST!

Yep. When you exit the game, pres CTRL+ALT+DEL and kill the FF7 process. For some reason, it doesn't finishes correctly.
this worked for me m8, i had the same problem! be sure to always use the task manager (monitor the processes) when u have problems with any app ;) its extremely helpful on program crashes (not responding etc)

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