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Where'd everyone go? Discord.
« on: 2022-11-11 23:04:22 »
Traffic on the forums has been dwindling the past couple of years. A lot of that is due to much of the modding day-to-day having moved to our discord server. So if you're wondering where everyone is, you can get in on the conversations over at

That isn't to say not to post here. Not at all. The forums aren't going anywhere. You can continue to use them as you always have, if you like. Mod homepage threads are still kept up-to-date, threads are still going and FAQ's are a handy resource, but if you want to talk mods, Discord is where a lot of it's happening. And if you need mod/technical support, you'll get it there way faster and more efficiently - in fact for tech support, it's preferred. Troubleshooting is far easier and faster through discord in conversation form. There's always someone online willing to help basically 24/7. A troubleshooting thread on the forum that would normally take a couple days of replies, formatting visual aids, waiting for responses, etc. would only take 10-15 minutes total on Discord... You're more than welcome to still ask for help here if you prefer or are otherwise unable to use Discord, but just know there's a better/faster solution available.

- The Qhimm Moderation Team

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