Author Topic: Can't return to gold saucer because game wants to replay old story scenario  (Read 3668 times)


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This is on FF7 Steam version + 7th heaven
Okay, so I have quite a problem of a glitch.

Ever since I completed the Corel Prison scenario and got the buggy, anytime I return to the cable car to go to Gold Saucer, the game re-triggers the Barret cutscene that shows what happened to the village.  I've already seen this!  Worse, from there if I ride the cable car, the game treats it like its my first visit to Gold Saucer and even forces Cait Sith to (re)join me and I get thrown right back in prison.

Oh well.  I guess I won't be going back to gold saucer.

Well, now I'm at the part where I need to get the keystone and I can't get to the saucer because it'll force me back into old old game scenarios and back into prison.

Is there something I can trigger to make the game realize I already did that part?
Loading and replaying saves from earlier in the game doesn't help - leads to the same problem.
I am using mods (via 7th heaven).  Most notably echo-s and other tsunamods.  Running the game without mods doesn't seem to change anything though.

Fun facts when i tried to simply go along with repeating the story scenario:
- if I approach the cable car with party members that don't exist in the scenario (Vincent, Cid, Caitlin Sith) the game will freeze before the flashback starts
- if I replay the corel prison scenario and get a second buggy, I can enter gold saucer no problem but the keystone won't be there because the game now expects me to go to cosmo canyon. 
- if I proceed to Cosmo Canyon to re-do that scenario, I can't get in the town because the npc blocks me and says that my friends are all gathered around the campfire.  Normally this npc is to keep the player in the town but now he's keeping me out.
-if I proceed to go to Nibelheim, there is no Sephiroth event in the mansion
-if I proceed go to rocket Town (using bronco) the Cid scenarios do not re-trigger
-blacksmith is not in his house anymore.  Disappears after the Corel prison scenario is re-done.
-point is.... repeating the story events I'm forced into leads to the same problem.


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This was posted some time ago so you may have found a solution yourself or just given up, but for those searching on Google for a solution to this, here is what I done when the same thing happened to me.

Progression in FF7 relies on "game moment" values (2,000 of them) to determine the story progression. Once you have completed a new important event, a new number is set. What has happened is that the game moment value of your game has reverted back to an older value. So to fix this you need a save game editor. I used "Black Chocobo".

I had a save outside of Corel just after I had got the buggy. Checking my save using Black Chocobo showed that my main game progress at this point under the 'Game Progress' tab was then at 469. After triggering the Barret cutscene in the cable car area, saying no to the operator when they asked if I wanted to board and then leaving, I saw that the game moment value had changed to 430. So all I did was change it back to 469 using the editor and then re-enter Corel. The Barret scene did not re-trigger, and the party members who I had left standing outside the cable car to save were no longer there. At the Gold Saucer everything was as it should have been, no getting thrown back into prison. Hope this helps someone!

Here is a webpage with a Google docs link showing all the game moment values plus events so that you know which one you have to change back to if you are at a different part of the story when this happens: