Author Topic: FF9 - Best Way to Mimic New Game+?  (Read 535 times)


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FF9 - Best Way to Mimic New Game+?
« on: 2024-06-12 10:17:50 »
Apologies if this is answered elsewhere, nothing relevant came up in a search

What's the best way to mimic a new game plus in Final Fantasy 9? I completed a play through a short while back and I now want to go back over and see what I missed, but carrying over everything from my old save into the new

I'm aware the start of the game has a lot of forced events that reset values. Assuming there's no way around this, is there a point at which it's ok to edit save game data without risk of it being reset? I'm assuming it's somewhere around leaving the petrified forest

Not requesting anything developed, I'm happy to just manually lift and shift my save game data into the new file, I'm just hoping someone experienced with the data might be able to advise what pitfalls and issues I might encounter. I know there's a lot of early sections where character data is swapped about between temp characters too. I did this before with FFX, but that worked with the imported data from the start of the game, so don't really have a frame of reference, and don't fancy getting partway through a play and finding out the hard way I've goofed!