Author Topic: Playing New Threat 2.0 !  (Read 271 times)


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Playing New Threat 2.0 !
« on: 2024-07-06 17:36:30 »
Hello! New here and to forums in general.  Hope im posting this in the right place.  This mod is AMAZING!! THANK YOU so much SegaChief  for giving us even more entertainment value from a game we have loved for decades.  And thank you to anyone else involved!  Im at the end of the game, been thru the north crater as far as u can get without committing, and came out to do all the other stuff.  Choco racing,  side quests, all that. I have a gold Chocobo now but am having trouble finding a few materia.  I think 2x cut is now W cut or something and 4x cut is a seperate materia, maybe from the Kalm traveler.  Is that correct?  Also,  is Full Cure gone?  It seems so, as I dont have it, yet I have a Master Magic materia.  Last, what about HP<-> MP and Mega All?  That silver Chocobo may have some answers for me as well, with the right greens or nuts.  Again thank you SegaChief!!
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