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Hi does anyone know how the game tells which of the 3 discs is put into the console ? I tried swapping the elf files and system.cnf and even changed the table of contents so the elf file will have the exact same name as the one of another disc. Still I could not get rid of "Please insert Disc 1" when starting a new game with my modded cd2.

The reason Im asking this should be clear: When I compile a mod that is alot of work i wanna be done applying it to CD1 and creating a ppf patch. The next step is applying cd2 and cd3 patches to my modded disc. Anyone ?

It most likely checks the disk label. At least that is what the pc does. It may also be a different scph number

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The sces number is contained twice in the iso, I had tried that already without success.
Disk label....if thats the string appearing when you put the disc in yout drive I can tell you its not solution. It will just say "FINALFANTASY7" for all 3 discs.

I am out of ideas then. Perhaps the wiki has some useful information

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Send a pm to gemini.  He will know for sure.


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