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Since this is a modding site, I figured this would be my best bet. Could anyone provide me with clean polygon 3D models/files of the cast from FFVII? Or point me in the right direction? I don't have the ready software or the know how to rip them from the game myself but since you've all patched and modded the game... I hope someone might have something I'm looking for. Any help or guidance is appreciated, thanks!

Erdrick The Hero:
What do you need these for? I'm not sure if we can provide them, (this forum has strict rules about distributing copyrighted work) but if you've got the PC version (or maybe even the PSX version, I'm not sure) there are tools to extract them from the game. (Converting them to a useful format, I'm not sure about, but it must be possible because we can go the other way around.)

No one here will/should provide you with workable models. The best they can offer is tell you how to do it yourself. There are several threads on how to do that though none come to mind at the moment. I'd give some snarky remark and tell you "search is your friend", but it's really not because it hasn't worked much lately.

The bigger issue is the work required to do this. Pulling a model out of the lgp's isn't complicated at all, but you'll need to converted the pieces to obj or 3ds so they're actually usable. FF7 character models are also made of separate pieces, so you'll need to reassemble them. Similarly with a model with multiple objects, but it's literally every piece (foot, hand, upper arm) so they wont be single mesh models. 


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