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Hello - I am a newcomer here. So, bare with me.

I was just experimenting with trying to extract files from lgp files and there is something bugging me. I've looked around for an answer for the last two hours but no answer was found.

My goal (even if not to complete anything for a bit) is to try and edit some field textures. The only images that are actual images (tex-tures) inside the flevel.lgp file are the eyes.

1 - I've used Unmassw to extract files from the LGP
2 - I have .tex files which are obviously texture files and various 3d models
3 - I also have files (ancnt1...2...3...4 etc.. extracted into a folder) and I am aware they are image files of the textures (i believe based on the images Ive seen in the Palmer pack.)

How do I convert those (ancnt1..2..3 files into an editable image format (png ect..)?

I've gotten info from here that says "extract using unlgp then re encode using lgp" I thought i was onto something but the explaination completely skipped the middle/important part (as per me anyway)

Correct me if I am wrong but i assume most of those field files are compressed with an lzs/ss compression format thus not being recognized?


You have to use a Photoshop script called FacePalmer that Omzy made to convert the field scenes into PNG format for editing. You won't ever be able to repack the edits back into LGP format. Instead, the PNGs are to be used with Aali's Driver.

Here is the thread on how to do so:


I've been working with it. I thought it could be as simple as exporting the field scenes, converting them into png with a program that can read them, editing/resizing them ect.. then putting them back in.

Seems like a lot of work. I'll keep at it anyway for a bit.


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