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How to Create and Use your own Music in Final Fantasy VII

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This is a tutorial I created on creating looping .ogg music files in Audacity to use in games that support .ogg files like FFVII. Please feel free to pm me with any questions.

How to make looping BGM (OGG Vorbis)
Credits : midgarsfinest

After teaching others how to do this, I decided it was time to make a tutorial on how to create looping .ogg music files for use with several BGM in games like the popular Final Fantasy VII. Here is a detailed tutorial (with pictures) on how to create that perfect atmosphere during your favorite fight or love scene.

Required Program
Audacity 2.0 (or higher)

Opening and Editing the MP3/WAV/etc.
1. Find your audio file on your PC. Right-click and select “Open with”. Search for the Audacity Program and select it. After the file loads in Audacity begin by finding the portion that you want to loop by using the selection tool. Be mindful of where you want the loop to end, and then restart. In order to make the loop transition seamlessly, you will want to find loop points that are relatively loud. Lower volume loop points tend to be harder to loop because it easier to hear the transition if not done absolutely perfect.

2. Once you know where the points are, use the Selection Tool to select the point where the loop should begin, and then go to the top of the window and select Tracks -> Add Label at Selection. Type "Loop Start." Repeat this step for where you want the loop to restart, but label it as "Loop End."

3. Then use your Selection Tool and drag it from the Loop Start to the Loop End (the lines will highlight yellow when you’re aligned). Hold down the “Shift” key and Select a portion near the end of your loop. This will allow you to hear whether or not your loop transition back to the Loop Start seamlessly. If not, make your adjustments now, being sure to move your Loop Start and End labels accordingly.
4. Now, go to the bottom of the program, where you will see “Selection Start”. Click the drop-down menu and set it to "samples" (pictured below)
5. Next to that, select the tick for "Length" changing it from"End" (also pictured)
6. Now, use the Selection Tool and highlight the area from the Loop Start label to the Loop End label, and then go to File -> Export Audio (don’t select the other Export options)
Name it, and make sure the File Type is set to Ogg Vorbis Files. Click “Save”.

7. FINALLY, an “Edit Metadata” window should pop up. Near the bottom, click “Add” until there are at least two blank tags. Select the first blank tag and type in "LOOPSTART" (without parentheses). Likewise, select the second blank tag and type in "LOOPLENGTH" (also without parentheses). Back on the Audacity window you should still be able to see the Selection Start and Selection Length values. Type the Selection Start value (without commas) for LOOPSTART. Repeat this step for LOOPLENGTH using the value under Length.

8. Make sure you name the file so that the game will recognize it ("ob.ogg" for opening bombing mission in FFVII)

(Optional) Before saving—If this is your first time creating a looping .ogg file in Audacity, and intend to create more in the future, save the template as a default, so you do not have to add tags, or have to type “LOOPSTART” and “LOOPLENGTH” each time you create a looping .ogg file.

Now you have a looping .ogg file, which can be inserted into your game’s music folder (music folder name may differ by game and/or game client). Enjoy!!

Nice one :D

Sorry for the necro, but I've been trying to create a good loop for Safer Sephiroth's battle theme (One-Winged Angel), but the tutorial is a bit unclear in some specific parts. Also, the images provided are way too small. Could someone in here help me do it? Thanks in advance!

Try this tutorial

also the Audacity tutorial

and google "looping ogg tutorial"

Alright, I believe I made it! Where can I post my results so people can give me their opinions?


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