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[FF7 PC]Remade Honey Bee Inn : Rebeerth Mod

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--- Quote from: Tsunamix on 2019-06-18 23:28:22 ---These are deleted scenes from the original. Final Mix has these in it too actually.
It's cool

--- End quote ---
Can you tell me please, when approximatly Final Mix will be available?

New version.
This time i modified all maps (backgrounds fixed,dialogs,animations,etc) the best of all is that the 3 maps are identified as Onna_1 Onna_3 and Onna_6 ,so i only modified 1 map from the original flevel (i didnt tested this in a full gameplay, i hope work fine :/)

Here i show the process to create new maps in the flevel:

List of posible maps to add:

92   qe
102  blackbga
107  blackbgf
108  blackbgg
113  whitebg1
114  whitebg2
215  onna_1
217  onna_3
221  onna_6
265  blin69_2   
346  trap     
357  convil_3   
403  junmon     
410  subin_4     
571  pass       
685  hyou14     
743  xmvtes   
769  fallp     
770  m_endo   
776  fship_26   


--- Quote from: DLPB on 2020-04-13 15:35:16 ---I've been thinking of re-adding this as an option in The Reunion R07-8.  I was going to do it all from scratch from PSX game.  If you're happy for me to use this when you're done, please let me know.  It would be great to add this back in.  Otherwise, I'll code my own but I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.  Looks good!

--- End quote ---
Hmmm for now the changes that i could do are some fixes in dialog boxes and animations,but for now i m not gonna update it , if there is no errors in the mod.
And the background animations and layers,i think im not able to do anything better than what i did, so this its done for me xD
If you want to use it in the Reunion, i dont have any problem, you have permisson  ;D.

Congratulations, this is a great job


--- Quote from: vayneruel on 2020-04-13 21:16:11 ---Congratulations, this is a great job

--- End quote ---
Thanks ! :)

--- Quote from: DLPB on 2020-04-13 17:56:30 ---Thanks! I'll have a look at adding to what you've done when I get time.  For now, just having them back in the game is a start.

--- End quote ---

One thing, the music in palmer scene its not "comical",i changed it, to make the map compatible with NT , but the music is imported into the map if you want to changed it


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