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LunarCry: Remastered v2.2  by MCINDUS
For use only with the Steam release of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

UPDATED 5/13/2020 With ALL ENEMIES including battle and field textures!
FIELDS ARE GLITCHED RIGHT NOW! They will be released with a separate mod.

Thanks to Maki and his amazing DEMASTER Modding tool, we can now inject ALL of the enemies into the game!

FF8: Remastered came with very few battle models actually improved for most enemies in the game. This mod fixes that by adding ALL enemies with ESRGAN and Gigapixel AI composited upscales in order to provide the BEST possible textures available!

The remaster also came with 3x upscales of the enemy field models, but the quality was VERY lacking, so I made these beauties, which are now 6x original size!
All enemy model textures have been re-created using custom texture techniques combined with using my own ESRGAN AI Upscaling models!

Only current drawback: Enemy Battle textures are currently locked to 3x original size.
I hope you enjoy!

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Battle Model Texture Comparison:

Requires Maki's DEMASTER Modding Tool found here:

DEMASTER Instructions:
1. Download the DEMASTER release
2. Install DEMASTER into .../FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered/
3. Open 'ffviii_demaster_manager.exe' and run the 'unpack' feature - this creates the DEMASTER_EXP folder

Download Here:
LunarCry: Remastered v2.1  Direct:

Install Instructions:
INSTALL ONLY THE hd_new 'textures' folder in FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered/DEMASTER_EXP/textures/battle.fs/

Field Model Texture Comparison:

New (Left) vs. Old (Right)


Enjoy and happy modding!
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==          (only field upscales, no battle textures)             ==

This version of the mod should be installed using one of the zzz extractors (zzzDeArchive 1.6.5 or later is recommended)
Get zzzDeArchive HERE

Pick one or the other!
LunarCry: Remastered -EFM- v1.0
--- zzz archive for merging using zzzDeArchive ---

LunarCry: Remastered -EFM- v1.0
--- folder archive (for use with Maki's new archiving method) ---

**CREATED 10/8/2019**
**UPDATED 5/13/2020**

thanks :D , you are also planning on port the hd textures for all the monsters from the first steam version ?


--- Quote from: rartart on 2019-10-09 08:14:35 ---thanks :D , you are also planning on port the hd textures for all the monsters from the first steam version ?

--- End quote ---

Yeah, as soon as we can get access to replacing the enemy battle textures i'll be porting all of my LunarCry 2013 enemy textures to this mod :)
Actually, I'll be releasing a whole new LunarCry for the old steam version when that happens, too! It's a new gigapixel AI LunarCry

also i noticed that some part of the texture of omega weapons are missing, basically a little part of his back and a little piece of his chest is invisible

thanks for the mod!  ;D


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