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Something's not quite right. Cloud and Barret have gone mysteriously missing, with Tifa left to fend for herself. At least she has two friends with her—Cait Sith and Vincent—but when exactly did she meet these people? Why do the three of them know things that they shouldn't? And most importantly, what happened to Cloud and the others?

This is the Speedrun Irony Mod, a project I've been working on for a couple of months now. The idea is that you play through the whole game with the three most powerful characters in the speedrun (Tifa in No Slots, Cait Sith in Slots, and Vincent in All Bosses), but the exploits that make them so powerful have been fixed. There have also been a few other balance tweaks, as well as lots of meta humor and other goofy moments.

To-do list

* LOTS of field scripts
* Also LOTS of animations—Cloud has a bunch of animations that Tifa doesn't
* Dice is incredibly strong for early game, so I'd like to nerf it somehow. Maybe one die for level <10, if that's possible?
* Fix the pre-emptive glitch for Aps, Jenova BIRTH, Midgar Turks
* Fix W-Item glitch
* Some other tweaks as I think of them
* Difficulty settings? Some ideas: no escape from battles, permanent active ATB, no EXP from non-boss encounters

Some updates:

* I believe I've fixed the pre-emptive Aps glitch. For future reference, I set the battle flags in Proud Clod for Aps, etc. to FFE9 (they were FFF9 before) which seems to have done the trick.

* I didn't mention it before, but the materia smuggle glitch! Apparently the null slot used in that glitch reads which materia slots are accessible from the Buster Sword and the Bronze Bangle respectively, which makes sense. Since I'm not using Cloud in this mod, I just removed the Buster Sword's materia slots and that made smuggling impossible. (As a funny aside, one thing I tried before deciding on that was the menu 17 "remove character's materia" on character 255, which removed all 16 MP Plus materias from the null slot. So much MP Plus!)

* Hit a bit of a snag with the snowboard minigame. I know that Tifa has a snowboarding model, but I haven't been able to call it for the non-Gold Saucer version of the minigame. It's possible her model isn't even loaded. Might need to see if I can replace Cloud's model with Tifa's or something.
EDIT: I've confirmed that Tifa's model isn't loaded, and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to put it in at the moment, so I've just skipped it for now.

Progress is going pretty good so far, though! The mod is currently playable through disc 1, and I just started working on disc 2. If anyone wants to test it out, let me know.

There’s something ironic about the set up haha

Not sure how I missed this originally, but it looks interesting.  Has anyone done a playthrough of it?


--- Quote from: obesebear on 2021-04-06 18:27:02 ---Not sure how I missed this originally, but it looks interesting.  Has anyone done a playthrough of it?

--- End quote ---
I actually did my own video of the Midgar section back when I was first working on it (though there have been some minor changes since then):

That being said, I've been working on this quietly for the past few months, and finally got to the point where the whole game is playable! I plan on polishing up a few things and then sending it out for people to beta test, so keep an eye out for that.


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