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[FF7] How does character level affect the accuracy of physical attacks?

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How does character level or other stats affect the accuracy of physical attacks? For example: It can be seen that at character level 15 in fury status, physical attacks are less likely to hit than if the character was at level 90 in fury status. I would like to see formulas that affect accuracy.


That’s probably what you’re looking at. The physical accuracy is complicated and I never got around to updating it.


Finally updated it. :)

Thanks. This is what I was looking for.
So, the character's level affects the critical hit chance:
critical_chance = ((actor's luck + actor's level) - target's level ) / 4;
Plus Crit% = Crit% + Weapon's Crit% Modifier

Leveling up increases Dexterity and luck, which affects accuracy.
Physical Chance = (Actor's Dex / 4) + action physical hit rate   (weapon's hit rate)
Actor's evade = (Actor's Dex / 4) + Actor's Physical evade   (armor evade (def%) bonus)
Target's evade = (Target's Dex / 4) + Target's Physical evade
HitChance = Physical Chance + Actor's evade - Target's evade

If Actor is in Fury Status then HitChance = HitChance - ((HitChance * 3) / 10)

Then luck affects the Lucky hit:
Lucky hit = (Actor's Luck / 4). If this is successful, then HitChance = 255

Then there is a check for a miss: Miss Chance [1..100] (between 1 and 100). if HitChance < Miss Chance then Set Miss flag. (If HitChance > Miss Chance then attack will hit)
Then there is a check for a critical hit.
critical_chance = ((actor's luck + actor's level) - target's level ) / 4;
if actor is playable character then critical_chance += weapon's critical bonus (critical_chance  = critical_chance  + weapon's critical bonus)

I was surprised the actor's evade factors into it. It might make more sense to just divide dex by 2 for the actor  (or not at all) and accomplish the same goal. Then the mechanics make more sense that accuracy is more about the actor's personal skill and less about their equipment. It does explain why a hit rate of 255 always connects. Only Ruby Weapon and its tentacles have evade stats high enough to overcome that.

TFergusson said this:
"...an enemy's Df% will not get any bonus from their Dex - for monsters, it's considered the final stat. However, Dex is still used to help increase the enemy's chance to hit, for example.  Enemies also do not have a MD% stat, a weakness that is useful to exploit."
I didn't notice an enemy check at that step. I'll have to double check that.


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