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DOWNLOAD v1.0.7.2

Older version if new one fails (The version only includes a fix for restoring backups):

Youtube channel

For windows. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Your computer should have it, unless you never update (if the program runs, you have it). Info/Downloads .Net framework.
The program should be more or less compatible with Wine on any other OS.

Select the ff7 data folder and which files to patch. It's easy.
If it's your 1st time patching you should pick all files, unless you don't want new bosses, equipment tweaks etc. (see the "info" in the patch application). On updates after v1.01, there is no need to patch battle.lgp.
flevel.lgp was updated last in v1.0.5.
Worth playing on new updates? The experience will most likely be very similar, but read the notes and decide for yourself.

Works with re-release (2012), steam release and original release (the 1998 release for the PC). There is an option in the program where you can select what release you have. If you use Kranmer's new-to-old patch on the re-release, then select the "original (1998)" option.

Original (1998) release only:
To fix the MDEF bug in the game I would suggest using Aali's custom graphic driver.
Mdef bug fix by NFITC1 and dziugo. Get it HERE!.
How to use it is explained HERE!

Re-release and STEAM:
You must select the language you play with, or else the game won't be patched. Click "Detect" to find your right language.

new in / (01.05.2019 / 11.04.2020):  : Restore backups fix. No gameplay changes.

Files updated in 1.0.7: scene.bin, kernel.bin and kernel2.bin.
new in 1.0.7 (30.08.2018):

* Minor enemy tweaks (scene.bin).
* Bizzaro Sephiroth Shock no longer ignores defence, but is stronger (NERF).
* Purple materia cave boss has less HP.
* Odin is a lot more reliable.
* Added MonoMod as a mod option.
* Buffed some "useless" equipment: Tetra elemental, Tough Ring, Circlet, Championship Belt, Minerva Band Escort Guard.
Now also contains a new mod called MonoMod. Read the "MonoMod" tab under information on what it does.

new in 1.0.6s (27.06.2014)
*Added the "Adjust for STEAM" button. No files updated for actual gameplay. Forgot to fix the "1997" type-o.

Files updated in 1.0.6: scene.bin, kernel2.bin.
new in 1.0.6 (22.08.2012):

* Fixed file errors in scene.bin and kernel2.bin.
* Fixed a possible crash in shinra HQ.
* Minor enemy tweaks (scene.bin).
* Updated the dragon in the materia caves to reflect the Mt. Nibel Dragon.
* Compatible with re-release.
Files updated in 1.0.5: scene.bin, kernel.bin, flevel.lgp and ff7.exe.
New in 1.0.5 (19.10.2011):

* Fixed Seph's AI (again(?), kernel.bin)
* FF7.exe will be patched for limit breaks. Each level 4 limit ignores defence.
* Summons are a bit stronger (kernel.bin).
* Command Counter is in the blue materia cave (flevel.lgp).
* Minor enemy tweaks (scene.bin).
* The Mount Nibel Dragon's AI is heavily tweaked. Easier to escape from early on.
* Fixed the "Pick Install Folder" for 64 bit OS.
* Fixed some bugs in 3 Northern Crater fields (flevel.lgp).
* A new "Restore Backups" button.
What it does:
Basically boosts the game difficulty. This mod mainly strives to refresh the gameplay by sticking to the original settings, BUT it also tweaks some enemy AI, spell effect, equipments, etc, for different reasons. For instance, there are quite a few bugs in the AI and field scripts. Most of these have been fixed (all I know of). Also, many equipments, spells and enemy skills are useless, gets obsolete and/or are overpowered or cheap. Thus some equipments and attack effects are tweaked in an attempt to balance things out. With the above said, keep in mind I try to keep all things as close to the original as possible while refreshing the gameplay. I don't want a new FF7, I want a refreshed, more difficult FF7.

This mod also add some new enemies and bosses to the game. Basically at every summon materia there is a new boss.
For more information, click the "info." button in the patch application.

Stuck on a boss?
Sega Chief over @ Youtube have uploaded a neat boss play-through that includes this mod.

Possible issues (for moders):
The patch will not overwrite files in battle.lgp. If you have added new battle models to battle.lgp, models with same names as mine will not be touched. This will make the game likely to crash when you encounter these models in-game. To avoid this, simply rename your models. My models starts with name sn**, and ends with ud**. Which means you can start at ue**.
This will only be a problems if new models were added to battle.lgp, not replaced.

Scene.bin, kernel.bin, kernel2.bin and several field files in flevel.lgp will be overwritten. To avoid inconsistencies with any translation project you may want to not patch kernel2.bin. The field files overwritten by this patch usually don't contain much dialogue (See the log file (after the patch is done) to see which files inside flevel.lgp that were overwritten). For more info.on the files: read the info. in the patch app (click info.). 

There is a new boss here if you haven't picked up that materia yet (Omega):

Thanks to:
Qhimm forum members.
M4v3R: Scene Reader and Scene Edit.
Lord Ramza: Scenester
Squall: Hojo
Borde: Kimera
Synergy Blades: Meteor
dziugo: 9999 Limit Breaker (for testing purposes)
NFITC1: Wall Marked and Proud Clod
DLPB and luksy: For spotting file errors
Christian Maas: Hex-editor XVI32
And myself for awesome handsomeness!!

I wouldnt consider this hard.  Its more like normal difficulty.  I only tested a few fightas and they dont' appear hard.   They put up a fight but not hard at all.    And their appears to be some random encoutners taht are extremely hard and can only be defeated later in the game.   I have a problem with that cause the random super enimies appears quite often and extremely hard to run away from.

Nice try though.  I'm always looking for someone who can make a scene.bin file thats reasonibly very hard.

Keep up the good work but for the time being I guess I like my files better since its 1.5x to 3x harder then yours in disc 1.    And during mid disc 2 to disc 3 is so hard(I use alot of HP pluses to max HPs)  I have to run from alot of the fight if I dont have limits ready or I don't have much MPs for summons.  Yeah my mid disc 2 is probably supidly hard but its near the end and I should balance it out alittle more but I got lazy.

Thank You for trying it ARMs. I'm honored. I may have something to add...

...I didn't say it was THE hardest version. I know you didn't suggest it but this wasn't supposed to be as hard as possibe. I edited it to MY likings. How i feel the game should be. And to add I did make it easy in the beginning with purpose. I don't like spending hours in the beginning to progress the story. It don't actually gets "hard" until sector 8 or Gea's Cliff or so +-. In other words when a normal/ first time gamer (or a gamer that don't go too deep) has the resources and level to deal with it. And I also kept in mind that there might be people who'd never tried anything harder before, thus giving the explanation I did (not just keeping the enter button down all the time lol). I know normal/first time gamers'll probably never try this so it might be vague... This being said I do expect only experienced FFVII gamers to try it.

I must admit though, that the bosses (and many enemies) are still way too wimpy. I intend to correct this, and many other things. Like adding status effects to attack, attacks effecting all etch. What I've edited 'til now is just what Scenester "allowed" me to edit.

Please give me more feedback. Appreciate it!!  :-D


--- Quote from: ARMs ---And their appears to be some random encoutners taht are extremely hard and can only be defeated later in the game.   I have a problem with that cause the random super enemies appears quite often and extremely hard to run away from.
--- End quote ---

Yes I have added some "extremely" hard encounters early in the game. As I said I only expect "skilled" FF players to test this, and those players are sane enough to save often when they know it is harder. So I got the idea of adding 1 (or more) "unbeatable" enemy in each area. And those monster should be next to impossible to run away from. What is the point if not.  Later in the game you can beat 'em and claim the spoils. There are however ways of defeating them early, but that is supposed to be a secret for gamers to figure out. I believe this spice up the idea of random encounters witch FF1-10 are all about.

Actually mines not as hard as you may think.  Making them 1.5 times stronger then what yours is doing still doesn't require much leveling if you got skill.   to make things hard you have to maek them deal enough damage to at least deal 20 percent damage to your characters health up to 75 percent of damage while they are in back row.   How ever if they get a back attack against you sometimes you it will get quite deadly.

When edition you should lay down markers of levels that you think is required when you enter that area.

Examaple is this:

By the time you exit midgar the players character level should be around 16.
Reach junion Level 19.
Jenova Birth level 21.
Dyne level 23
Gi Nattak level 30
Materia keeper Level 34 with HP Pluses Required
Rapps level 40
Demons Gate level 45 with HP pluses Required.

Thing about HP pluses is that If you don't enclude it into the equation it totally breaks the difficulty.

I actually use those levels cause by those points of the game reaching it would reiqure maybe 5 to 10 extra minutes of leveling (after you done searching the dugeons for Treasures) between each dungeions and trying to overlevel would take quite the large amount of time.   And if your skill you should think up strategys to beat the bosses at levels close to the mark.

I'm not telling you to use those level marks but something close to it where it woudlnt be easy to accidently overlevel by a large margin.

U have good points there ARMs. I don't intend making it harder in the beginning. But I consider making it harder after rocket village. 'Cause that is the first time in the game the places you choose to go to are optional. My level chart isn't very different from yours. I think I'm 5-10 lvls below u against Demon Gate. And it is important to consider what is available at all times in the game like the HP plus materia as you stated. But I don't consider damage dealt by enemies the only factor to making it difficult.

I intend to add many status alignments using a hex editor. There are plenty of other factors that can improve battles. example, the enemies Speed and defense can play a major role.

This version is just half done. Maybe not even that. And I haven't even tested it properly. I just used the debug room to check that there wasn any bugs. And I always went with a lvl 99 Cloud, lvl 10 Barret and a lvl 50 Yuffie to check the damage differences with half good armor and weapons equipped.  Both dealt and taken. I haven't actually played it myself yet but I intend to. However i can't atm 'cause I'm visiting my parents and I didn't bring the game :P


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