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OK hallo dear readers at first,
This project is realy realy old one and it is just a shame that it got frozzen for unknown time after all the hard word , evryone had here.
I nearly read all the post about this and that it is a hard work especially for the main chars. It would talkke like forever to voice evry line and put the rihght emotion into it.
After thinking about that all I just had an idea , and therefore I ama writting this just to know if the community would like to see a revival of it.
I am a student from austria and I am working there at a hmm kind of helping service for other students, working close to all the university in town.

The hardest part would be to voice the main chars, and so I thought about working with students all here in town to voice in a "studio". We get a university just for music, acting, audi engineering, ...
Also got connection to coder ...
This would be just the beginning, but I think if I get a group which would speak for the mains, and the community would just help to voice other roles, it would be possible to revive the project .

Writting this while hearing the music of FF7 palayed on an piano , is just pure awsome :P
Maybe somepeaople will read that all and just give a comment , if I should try that or not .

Las but not leas, thank you for reading that all :)

Maybe some people of the Nexus forum are interested for some voice acting, there is very professional made mod for Skyrim. Interesting NPC:

As I've stated in other threads (and will continue stating in every FF voice acting thread ever), I am highly interested in providing the voice for Reno.

Good idea about that :) I think if I would get ebought "motivation" to organisate all that I rly would to it.
Then I rly can get some acters and so on . But the thing is I wouldn't let my buddy code evrything from sketch.
I hope someoen who has got the original code will share it (again).
So I have somehting I can show the people that it is possible, most people will not believe that something lik,e that is possible
(Ok that sentence is kinda bad written but I hope u understand ^^)
Yeah would be great I will just try to find voices for the mains / chars with most text , just to be shure I get those. I dont want to loose a "cloud" or anyone which cant be rearanged.
If I get all lines spoken by the mains, I can let anyone speak for the rest :) ^^
Ok so I saw that dziugo wasnt online for year(s) , hmm , I just hope someone can share his work.
I think no one ever tryed to get a local group to act the mains ^^

I bet Covarr already has all of Reno's dialogue voiced into sound files.


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