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This is a community project that will aim to host most, if not all mods we create here at Qhimm. With that said, I need volunteers from our community to test the 7H Catalog. If you're interested, post here or send me a PM, and I'll PM you directions to get it going. Feel free to share here your thoughts, concerns, or bugs you run into. I'm not making the catalog public yet, but I'd like the feedback to be as public as possible. It's best we work and iron things out together at this point :)

If you're not sure what 7th Heaven is, then please check out Iros' amazing tool here:

It's essentially a Mod Manager similar to how the Nexus community manages their modding. Mods are uploaded to a database, the catalog reads from the database, and the tool reads from the catalog. Users download and choose what mods they desire and launch the game through the tool. The mods are then injected at the desired times they are needed, leaving your game files untouched after you close the game. If you don't like a mod, close the game, change mods in 7H, and launch the game again. It's that simple.

Luigi Brosse:
Hi, I have been using 7th Heaven for quite some time and would gladly help with the catalogue (some indication on what you want tested would help).
I tried to PM you but couldn't find how to do it on this bulletin board.

Luigi Brosse:
Hi EQ2Alyza,

sorry to have to use your thread like this, but I still haven't the rigth to use PM (probably too low on message count).
I did receive your update, but I haven't receive the initial instructions on where to find the catalogue.

PMs are enabled after 5 posts. I'll have the new instructions and downloads out later today :)

I think I'm about done sending PMs for testing, so anyone else who wants in, speak now or forever hold your peace.

I will try and aim for an official release next week. Maybe even as early as Monday pending no major setbacks  8-)


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