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Can I get as many as possible to download 7H 1.29 and report back if it auto-updates to the latest version when opening it.

Please and thank you :)

Auto update worked for me.
When i ran 7thheaven for the first time for the after subscription links i get this, dunno if it's relevant, even after the update.

What subscriptions link were you using?


--- Quote from: EQ2Alyza on 2014-08-09 18:50:40 ---What subscriptions link were you using?

--- End quote ---
Er not sure when i launched it, it just said do you want subscription links setup i just pressed yes and that happened.
On Win7 32bit. Maybe kos i didn't run it as administrator meh :P

Can you report that same statement and the screenshot over on the 7H thread. Iros can look into it.


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