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Catalog 3.0 reports and requests can be posted here. Please use our public Discord as well.

Discord Channel

Version reports will be posted below.

--- Code: ---March 7th, 2020
     # Spell Textures - 3.1
          * Limits should now properly load. New previews added.

--- End code ---

Do you have a list of all the mods you put in 7th Heaven Catalog?

Sega Chief:
Sorry about all the recent updates, Alyza. I thought that the catalog pulled the NT's IRO file from the NT Thread; I didn't know you were having to keep it updated as a separate thing.

If Iros doesn't find the time soon to fix the problem with high-us.lgp then I thik I should disable the models for the minigame and make them optional.
The other solution would be to let the games converter patch the lgp with some models. I haven't tested yet if a small change would make it editable for 7H. Maybe a small replacement with the original field models would work.

Mayo Master:
Would you think adding the Team Avalanche Sector 5 high res. fields would be a good idea? I should have that done around end of January-beginning of February.


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