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converting Bootleg setup to 7th Heaven, or not even needed?


some time back before i switched to using Windows 8.1 i simply went w/ the somewhat older bootleg tut to setup and convert the Steam release so i can install mods (w/ Bootleg). i have no idea why i put down the game if it was crash related bugs or else-wise, but for awhile i left it alone.

i decided to pick up FF7 again the otherday went thru everything and no real issue other than i notice somethings are just out of date (i see in the long period of no updates to bootleg came along 7th heaven being what looks similar to NMM/MO for Skyrim.) being 7th is around now, its the new way of managing and installing mods, aali's driver's updated. a few updates to the OSTRemastered soundtrack, and the spares things.

is it easy to convert a bootleg setup for 7th heaven? or can the same mods be used in 7th heaven? or would for now just keeping my current setup w/ a bootleg config w/ just an updated aali's driver be sufficient on Windows 8.1? (if matters in if things would be ok as is, specs are AMD FX 4100 cpu [stock 3.6ghz speed]/8gb ddr3-1333 ram/gtx 760 OC[2gb ram]) (i mostly did texture mods (models/enemy/field), MenuOverhaul/TeamAvalanche GUI/OSTRe and Aeris Revival)

call me a blunder-head or blind for missing something or stupid if im just not seeing something about 7th heaven, but w/ it new to me feels that it'll be abit to get used to it  where im just familar w/ using Bootleg.

I'm likely going to get warned for bumping  ut these are the mods i currently use, trying to look thru whats in the 7H modlist there isnt much in my current modsetup.

i spoke w/ Covarr in IRC saying it's rather difficult, but can someone explain how to manually update 2 simple things? Battle Model for Red XIII & the HQ Barret Model? (

Aali 8.1 won't fully work with a Bootleg setup, so don't upgrade to it. Also, using 7H on top of a Bootleg install won't work.

Both of those battle models are in the Catalog from the 7H tutorial. They are under the Battle Models - Characters category.

unless im blind as a damn bat im not seeing much for higher quality Field Models for characters,

and how's this for a Load Order Eq2?


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