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So I've been using Tifas bootleg for the longest time now and never had an issue with it, however recently someone told me that 7th heaven does everything Tifas bootleg does but easier. So I thought I would give it a shot, however now I've gone to check it out it turns out that most of the mods that were in Tifas bootleg are missing from 7th heaven...

Is there any way I can get the mods back from Tifas bootleg without having to manually install them, like some kind of larger catalog link that I'm missing because right now in 7th heaven there is around 21 mods compared to your usual 70 in Tifas bootleg or am I missing something ? (I might be over exaggerating with the second number but that's how it feels)

Do I have to manually download them and put them in the 7th heaven file somewhere or something ? I really don't know...

After you download the categories from the catalog, you activate them and then click the Configure button. That is where you will see all the options to choose from within each category. Most of the Bootleg mods are added, plus more that were created after Bootleg's last release. There will also be updates this summer that will add even more to the catalog.

I've updated the catalog and downloaded it which is how I found out how many mods were available and there isn't as many as Tifas bootleg. In light of this I've gone back to Tifas bootleg until the mod list is a little more updated. 21 mods compared to 70+ isn't worth the change over...

Are you sure you are looking at it right?  Because to my count it is the same.  The pack itself is like 21 but if you configure them in the active mods then there is about the same it not more.  Plus bootleg is outdated and messes with your source files which 7th Heaven doesn't.  I never looked back since.

You're not even listening, so I'll stop here. Good luck with Tifa's Bootleg.


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