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Way to change default playback sound on 7thHeaven?


Hi, I have been streaming ff7 with mods on 7thHeaven and I tried to change my playback device in FF7config.exe and it ruined whole game. I didn't care after that and installed + downloaded everything again and streamed without teamspeak. But now I want to talk on teamspeak with my friends while streaming so people who watch doesnt hear my teamspeak sounds. The problem is that I dont know how to change the playback device for modded ff7 since there is no option in 7thheaven program. And I already know that FF7config.exe will fuck my game.

So I just want to change my playback device for game while not getting my game broken.

When you run the Game Converter from STEP 1, the FF7Config will pop up and you need to set your devices then. Running FF7Config after that will reapply registry key changes that cause the "broken" game to occur. Run the Game Converter again and have it reinstall.


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