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Getting 7th Heaven to Work on Wine

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Hi again! With new wine 5.8 the game launch, but crash when the intro video is finishing or immediately when loading a savegame. Wine 5.4 is still best option. At this point, maybe creating a wine issue ticket could solve the problem with latests wine versions. Regards!

Just a heads up: wine-staging 5.10 just landed in the repos and is even more borked, as in completely borked. Roll eyes. This has been going downhill since about 5.7 where the devs started messing up with the dll loading code. Just downgrade to the last functioning version, instruct pacman to not upgrade wine-staging (have to edit pacman.conf, see the arch wiki for the details). Probably, will have to wait a few versions until this whole mess is fixed.

Hello! I, just like you, tried to run this wonderful game on Linux and I succeeded with varying degrees of success, because sometimes I received an error with code 5.
My system: Ubuntu 16.04, 1080Ti, 455.38 drivers, 16GB RAM, Wine 5.4 staging. Install according to this instruction using Lutris. And the first time the game started without problems, with mods, but then it began to start with varying success, very often giving error code 5. I tried different versions of wine, but nothing helped. I also noticed that sometimes, if you kill the 7 heavens application in time, the game started with mods, but then it stopped working.
Remembering the separate X server, I decided to try and run it on it and it worked! The game runs stably, every time, in full screen, with all the mods!
In the terminal, we write "xinit xterm --: 1", and switch ALT + F8, switching, in the terminal we write the path to the prefix 7 heavens, I use playonlinux, I just start it, and from it there are 7 heavens.
In your distribution, the commands for launching a separate X session can and most likely will differ.
In order for the terminal to immediately start in a separate X session, we need to write the following line "xterm" in the file .xinitrc in home directory and make this file executable.
Please try it, I hope that everything will work for you without problems!

Hello guys. May I ask if this guide also works with Mac? I have the Steam version of FF7 which I use via Crossover. I would like to have the 7th Heaven mod.


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