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English steam version but I still get this problem. Help


Your FF7 installation folder is missing critical file(s). When you installed FF7, you may have accidentally chosen to install the 'Standard Install', but the 'Maximum Install' is required.

7th Heaven can repair this for you automatically. Simply insert one of your game discs and try again.
Failed to launch FF7. View the above log for details.

I have english version

I tried to use gameconverter but I got the same result

The log should be telling you exactly which file(s) you are missing. If you do indeed have the English version, your install is corrupt. Reinstall FF7. Sometimes you can try "Verify Files" and that sometimes works without full reinstall.

Yeah, reinstalling everything a second time work. Only thing I can think of is that I installed 7th heaven or some mods before the game was fully downloaded. Anyways it works now ty :)

I had a similar software problem a while ago. I am not an expert in these sorts of things whatsoever, so my immediate thought was to delete and reinstall everything. This did not help as well, so I was lost. When I didn’t know what to do anymore, I just paid a professional to take care of everything, and of course it worked in the end.  I tend to always encounter issues with the English version though. I am not a native speaker, so it is kind of difficult for me. Even 4th grade writing prompts can be pretty challenging for me. That’s why I practise more in order to improve my skills, and just make my life easier in general.


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