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Hi there, hopefully this is the place to ask this, but I'm wondering if there are any mods that can speed up the game (runspeed on the world map, speed up battles, etc) that are compatible with 7th Heaven? I know people used to use the 60 FPS animations to speed things up a bit but they're not compatible. Would love to play this game again using all of these mods but I'm too old to grind all my AP/EXP etc at the standard speed haha =)

Thanks for any help!

If it's just grinding you're trying to avoid, Black Chocobo yourself the AP/XP ;)

The steam edition has built in speed hacks and even auto-win hacks. Outside of that I don’t think there are any for older editions.

It’s certainly up to you if you want to use those hacks, but if all you want is gameplay then you would probably be just as entertained by play through on YouTube. Taking out battles is like ripping 60-75% of the game.

If you use an up to date 7th Heaven you should have FFnx as a game driver. Then you have access to the build in hacks:

Then you have things like speedhack, toggle random battles, movie skip, etc.

That's perfect, thanks so much! No wonder I couldn't find any mods for it, its already baked in! :)

Definitely don't want to remove the fights, not much point in playing without them - just didn't want to grind up to weapon killing levels, master my materia, etc, at standard speed. Or watch a cumulative 10 hours of kotr animations haha. And I figured if I used the trainer, what's the point?

So being able to speed things up through steam or 7th heaven is perfect :) thanks everyone!


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