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Losing my mind over issues involving EasyHook

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Dark Phoenix:
I'm having the same issue; I tried running 20 or 30 times, and keep getting null pointer errors because of EasyHook not working.  And I don't see any Code 5 Fix options in General Settings.

Dark Phoenix:
Could this have something to do with Windows 10?

Hi guys, the code 5 fix in the upcoming update in 7h does the same as what I detailed in the sticky post.

The manual code 5 fix process is detailed in the post.  Primarily the error is caused by timing issues when launching the game, there is other tricks that can work but havent been posted as they wouldnt necessarily work for many people, whilst the fix implemented in the next build and in the sticky has been known to work for many people.

The reason it worked better in 7h 2.0 was that has a different version of easyhook included which seems more tolerant but was changed in 2.2 due to some unforeseen injection problems with .bin files in the game.

Is it related to windows 10? possibly yes, I myself had no problems with this on Windows 8.1, then after I updated my OS am now also affected.  But not everyone on Windows 10 has the problem.


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