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--- Quote from: Antoine on 2020-06-21 14:20:20 ---Hi there,

I'm modding FF8.
I'd like to build battles such as Wedge, Biggs and Elvoret; Vysage and Gargantua; Fake President and Gerogero; etc. That means battles where the first opponent leaves the place to a new one when he has died.
I tried so, but, in the best manner I could do, the new opponent is invisible. He is playing, he is targetable, but invisible, that is really not convenient for the player.
Would any other one have tried and made a success of it?

Thank you in advance!

--- End quote ---

Maybe you've figured this out by now, but try making the second enemy use an ability like Sphinxara's Magic Summon or the ability Trauma uses to spawn the Dromas in their Initial AI. That will cause the enemy to appear upon spawning. I believe there is also a combination of flags that will make them show up after being launched by the previous enemy without taking up an ability slot, but they do so with no animation and it looks kind of awkward. Oh, and keep in mind that the game may do weird things or crash depending on what enemies you're using.

Thank you for your answer. I didn't find how to manage, so I did something else. You know, when you mod, sometimes you have to say: OK, I can't do that, it's a pity but I prepare other things really nice for players. I've published my mod one week ago. It's only in French, so I didn't talk about that here, but maybe I'll do someday.


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