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Hi, I was hoping someone could help. I'm trying to add battle avatars to Lifestream Edition since now they show up from the ESUI anyway, but even though I've got DDS images of ones I've done to match the avatars my mod provides, the ones from ESUI are still showing instead. I looked at ESUI's mod.xml file and found that there's a part of the code that seems to force its battle avatars onto any mod that doesn't have its own. So even though I've done the code right in my mod.xml file and directed it to the folder with my DDS images, they still won't override the ones from the ESUI even though my mod is above it in the load order. Is there any way to fix this?

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2024-02-16 04:14:13 »
Screens of Cloud and Aerith's arrival in Wall Market:

Wall Market

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2024-02-16 01:05:14 »
Here are screens of the expanded Evergreen Park scene. Just go to the gallery to see them. I'll have screens from Cloud and Aerith's arrival in Wall Market up soon, too.

Evergreen Park

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2024-01-11 22:30:11 »
Here's a sneak peek at another new feature I'm adding to Lifestream Edition. I'll have screens from the expanded Evergreen Park scene and the arrival in Wall Market and dialogue around the lower part of town up soon as well.

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2023-10-18 01:36:40 »
A third alpha version of Lifestream Edition is now available, featuring another brand new section!

Watch it here! -

LSE 1.02 changes
- Fixed issue with field changes not loading
- Fixed an issue with misaligned graphics during battle
- Modified gameplay now goes through a new section in the Sector 7 slums
- Adjusted inventory in the Sector 5 weapon shop
- Added 4 more 1/35 soldiers to find from Reactor 5 to the Sector 5 slums
- Moved a 1/35 soldier from the Sector 7 slums to the item shop
- The house in Sector 5 with the Turtle's Paradise flyer is now the Leaf House
- Added 3 new sidequests in Sector 5 that can be done before leaving
- Changed Jessie's Punchy Girl limit break to cause Darkness instead of Fury
- Renamed some of Jessie's limit breaks

If you use the ESUI's "No Battle Boxes" option, make sure to use one of the single-column battle views as well to avoid overlapping graphics when choosing spells.

Download the alpha here!

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2023-09-30 03:40:31 »
Thanks, mikasa! I'm really glad you're enjoying my mod! :) Sorry things have been slow with updates lately, I've been busy with work and my two sons, but I haven't forgotten my mod and I'll be getting back to work on it soon. Adding another new section with Jessie, Tifa, and the others after Cloud rests at Aerith's house and before he leaves Sector 5. Then it'll be on to Wall Market, which'll have quite a few adjustments as well, hehe. ;D

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2023-07-11 00:21:44 »
Here are the gameplay videos for the Sector 7 return and the Sector 5 slums. Jessie meets Barret & Tifa when they come back from Reactor 5, then ends up chasing a certain ninja thief around the slums to get back her stolen materia. In the meantime, Cloud & Aerith make their way to her house, with more optional sidequests along the way & a new fight with Rude!

Watch it here! -

Watch it here! -

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2023-05-26 18:50:11 »
Thank you, I appreciate it. Busy working on the next section, which is a new one - Barret & Tifa's return to Sector 7 and Jessie fessing up to them about her past, though still not all of it. That'll be revealed later. Also with a certain feisty ninja eavesdropping on the conversation. You can bet she'll be making herself known soon enough, hehe...  ;)

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2023-05-25 01:24:29 »
Here are videos of each section of Lifestream Edition that's been finished so far. The Sector 5 church isn't in the second alpha but will be in the third. And also, I've had to move one of the 1/35 soldiers from the Sector 7 slums to the item shop while creating a new scene for the first part of Barret and Tifa's return to Sector 7 after Cloud's fall from Reactor 5. But that section isn't complete yet, so I haven't included it here.

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2023-05-18 23:56:18 »
You're welcome, and thanks for your interest! There's more to come soon!  :)

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2023-05-16 18:28:00 »
Just released the second alpha! Here are the new additions:

- Modified gameplay now goes through the entire Reactor 5 mission
- A new alternate field model (the first of two) for Jessie for certain scenes
- A new option in settings to choose a style for Jessie's alternate field models
- Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge now wear their disguises for the entire train sequence
- Jessie's train disguise is now a recolor of the Shinra secretary model
- Fixed an item bag in the Sector 4 Plate Interior that kept reappearing
- Changed an enemy name from Rocket Launcher to Sentry Launcher
- Changed an enemy name from Blood Taste to Bloodhound
- Added another 1/35 soldier to find somewhere in Reactor 5
- Added two new scenes in Reactor 5 and extended the final scene outside
- President Shinra now appears as a hologram instead of actually being there
- Removed the Shinra chopper from the last scene for the above reason

You can download it from the new link in the first post. Enjoy! :)

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2023-02-20 16:10:41 »
Download the iro from the link in the post above - it's just a playable alpha at the moment, so the modified content only goes to when the group leaves for Reactor 5, but there's already plenty of new stuff in it - and add it to 7H by clicking the Import Mod button on the top right side, browsing to where you've saved the iro, and selecting it. Then make sure it's at or very near the top of your load order above the ESUI, and you should be good to go. :-)

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2023-02-15 18:34:47 »
I've just released the first alpha! The modified gameplay currently goes only from the Reactor 1 mission to the departure for Reactor 5, with a great deal of new content added in between.

Here's the link, it's on Mega for now:

WIP / Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition
« on: 2023-02-10 05:03:12 »

Final Fantasy VII: Lifestream Edition is an expansive gameplay and graphics mod with many new features, including some not seen anywhere else. It's still in development but is progressing steadily. I plan to release a demo once the Midgar section (and maybe a little more) is complete.

Implemented/In-Progress Features

UI Enhancements
Lifestream Edition requires the ESUI (and all credit goes to Chrysalis, Bonez, DLPB, Fewtch, and the rest of its creators for all their hard work) but also provides additional options on top of it such as more font choices, the ability to choose materia and slot types independently of each other, extra cursor and UI border choices, the ability to mix and match remake and non-remake UI elements, new start and credit screens, and more. Combined with the ESUI, you'll be able to make your FF7 experience truly your own. Here's a preview of each one. Any other options from the ESUI, such as the different battle views, etc. can still be set there and should work with Lifestream Edition.

New Start Screens

Standard ESUI by Chrysalis, etc.
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Jessie by Serafleur
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

New Game Over Screens

Standard ESUI by Chrysalis, etc.
Spoiler: show

Cloud & Jessie by Stephen Giann
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

New Opening Credits

Standard ESUI by Chrysalis, etc.
Spoiler: show

Jessie by Hunter7j
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

All start and game over screens have both 4:3 and 16:9 versions, with the appropriate ones being loaded automatically. Credit screens are only in 4:3 because there's no support in FFNx for 16:9 ones at this time.

New Font Styles
In addition to the original bright and gradient ESUI fonts done by Chrysalis, I've added three new options - Lifestream Bright, Lifestream Gradient, and an improved remake font with a drop shadow for better visibility.

ESUI Bright by Chrysalis
Spoiler: show

ESUI Gradient by Chrysalis
Spoiler: show

Lifestream Bright
Spoiler: show

Lifestream Gradient
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Cursors, Borders, Gauges, and Timer
You can now choose between the ESUI finger and sword cursors or the remake arrow pointer. Also, there are several choices for the menu borders - blue, classic gray, or remake style with star shapes on the corners. If you want to use the ones included with the ESUI itself, that's also an option by making sure "No change" is selected and the ESUI is active under Lifestream Edition in 7H. This goes for some of the other UI elements as well, such as the timer - you can use the remake style included in LE or the classic style that comes with the ESUI. You can also choose either the standard or remake style for the various menu gauges.

Items & Materia
Unlike the ESUI, Lifestream Edition allows you to choose options for item icons, materia orbs, and materia slots independently of each other, allowing you to use different combinations of each to give your gameplay experience a unique flair. Item styles include grayscale, colored, and remake white. Materia orbs come in standard ESUI, shiny, and remake varieties, and the slot options are standard ESUI, shiny, and remake blue.

New Avatars
Lifestream Edition comes with a set of high-quality classic avatars done by Satsuki, available with both the normal white and transparent backgrounds. I might add other sets later on. Also, if you want to use a different set, just make sure it's above Lifestream Edition in your 7H mod order and select "No change" in the options.

Controller Options
You can also choose which controller buttons you want to use - Xbox or Playstation - and standard or swap order, just like the ESUI. But it's important to do so from Lifestream Edition, as it uses different icons (from the Remake ESUI) and its settings here will override those of the ESUI. Otherwise it works exactly the same.

Script Revision
As other modders have done, I'm revising all the dialogue in the game. However, my approach is a bit different. Basically, I try to keep the intended meaning intact while making the lines themselves livelier, fuller, and more natural-sounding. Here are some examples:

Barret: Yo! This your first time in a reactor?
Cloud: No. After all, I did work for Shinra, y'know.

Lifestream Edition
Barret: Ain't your first peek at a reactor, is it, SOLDIER boy?
Cloud: No. Been in them before. I'll manage. Don't tell me you forgot I used to be on Shinra's payroll.

Biggs: Wow! You used to be in SOLDIER all right! ...Not everyday ya find one in a group like AVALANCHE.
Jessie: SOLDIER? Aren't they the enemy? What's he doing with us in AVALANCHE?

Lifestream Edition
Biggs: Hey! You were a SOLDIER, right? Sure got that look at least. Damn tough. Kinda surprised you'd be here with us in Avalanche.
Jessie: Wait, what? SOLDIER? Talk about sleeping with the enemy… Anyway, what's SOLDIER boy's deal? Why's he here?

New & Extended Scenes
Lifestream Edition also includes new and expanded scenes to add to the overall story and further develop the characters. Scenes you once knew by heart will still be familiar but now refreshingly different as well, with more than a few surprises along the way. A few scenes cut from the original game (such as Jessie's expanded dialogue on the train) have also been (or will be) restored. And characters such as Biggs, Wedge, and especially Jessie have much more development and deeper backstories than before as well as greatly expanded roles.

The dialogue changes and scene extensions/additions are probably the most time-consuming part of the mod since they'll encompass the entire game and virtually every field will have to be edited, both to change the text and also to align the transparent boxes to the bottom center of the screen (like the subtitles in the remake). I'm still in Midgar at the moment, so I've still got a lot yet to do, but I do intend to finish this, so don't worry.

Name Changes
Many items, equipment, spells, materia, limit breaks, and enemies have had (and will have) their names changed, including the usual modern FF spell names like Fira/Firaga, Blizzara/Blizzaga, etc. Here are just a few examples:

Titan Bangle = Titanium Bangle
Hyper = Adrenaline
Tranquilizer = Sedative
Cover materia = Lifesaver materia
All materia = Magnify materia
Fire Ring = Blaze Ring
Grunt = Shock Trooper
1st Ray = Sentry Ray
Chuse Tank = Terpsicolt
Big Shot = Focused Shot
Climhazzard = Ascension

New Items & Materia
Lifestream Edition also features a few new items and materia. Details on some of the items can be found in Jessie's section below, as most of them are made by her throughout the game. There are also a few new key items related to new quests/story segments. I've only implemented a handful of new materia so far, mainly to fill in the gaps in the stat bonuses that the original set has. So you'll now be able to find Strength Up, Spirit Up, and Defense Up materia. Also, I'm adjusting most enemy drops/morphs/steals, shop inventories, and item locations so that nothing will be missable. Enemies also have higher drop and steal rates to make item hunting less tedious.

New Sidequests
Areas such as the Sector 7 slums now have optional sidequests that you can do for extra items, gil, and experience. In addition, new quests such as collecting 99 1/35 soldiers for Wedge are being implemented - I'm placing them as I go, and it'll span the whole game. Also, I'll be adding an additional reward to the Turtle's Paradise flyers quest on top of what's normally given. See the planned features section below for more details. And there may be other new sidequests as well.

Other Features
Most save points now provide more options - in addition to saving your game and changing your party members (when possible), you can now also restart the game (force a game over to return to the title screen) and view detailed information on the local enemies. Biggs and a few other characters can show you the limit break totals for each character (the numbers of uses and kills needed to learn them) while Marlene, Wedge, and a few others can tell you the affection values for each of the five characters they affect. And that leads us to the next new feature of Lifestream Edition.

Affection System Changes
The affection system works much like it always has, only now you'll get a message whenever a character gains or loses affection (or respect, in Barret's case) with the value gained or lost. Also, Jessie is now part of the system as well, with many new opportunities for you to gain her affection.

Everyone's favorite tech girl gets a massive update in Lifestream Edition. Along with an expanded backstory that is broader and more developed than what was provided in the remake, Jessie becomes a fully playable member of the party. More than just a model swap for Tifa, she has her own character arc that is being fully integrated into the overall FF7 story. And she is also part of the affection system as previously noted and will have her own Gold Saucer date with Cloud.

Character Swap
Most of time, once Jessie joins the party fully at Fort Condor and at certain times before that, you'll be able to switch freely between using Jessie and Tifa. This can be done either by talking to one of them or at most save points. There are certain times, however, when one of them will be required to be in the party (such as Tifa in Reactor 5 or Jessie on her new mission).

Limit Breaks
Although Jessie and Tifa use the same basic moves for their limit breaks, Jessie's have different names and function a little differently. She does slightly less damage, but each of her limit breaks also inflicts an unavoidable negative status ailment as well. Due to the way the kernel.bin file works, you'll need to save and reload after switching between Jessie and Tifa to make sure they're using the right set of limit breaks. Also, when first starting up FF7, Tifa's limits will be active by default.

Special Items
Jessie lives up to her role as Avalanche's technical genius by being able to make new items for use in battle, special grenades called raspberries that are much more powerful than the standard types. Some of them also have additional effects such as inflicting negative status ailments, and others are defensive in nature and provide healing and support, in some cases beyond what other items can do (such as replicating the effects of certain limit breaks of Aerith's like Fury Brand and Planet's Protection). Jessie will learn new recipes as the game and story progresses, and she'll need you to give her specific quantities of different items to make the different types. For example, to make a normal raspberry, you'll need to give Jessie four grenades.

New Missions
Jessie is also getting a few new gameplay sections where you can actually control her on the field! I've already finished one, a new quest with her and Cloud set in between the two reactor missions, and I have a couple of others planned as well.

Battle Models & Avatars
Lifestream Edition also features two different battle models for Jessie that you can choose from - Grimmy's original model from the classic Jessie mod and Ninostyle's updated model. Both are available in normal and 60fps versions. In addition, I've included several different avatars to choose from with both white and transparent backgrounds.

It's my hope that the Tsunamods team and others might create extra avatars for Jessie to go with their existing sets for use with Lifestream Edition. I can provide the renders I made for my avatars if you guys want to use them to do that. Just be sure to credit me if you do. Thanks!

New Songs
Lastly, Lifestream Edition features two new songs related to Jessie - her theme and RUN! RUN! RUN! You can choose from either the remake versions or PS1-style demake versions done by Sara G. You can find her YouTube channel here - and listen to the demake versions of the two songs at (Jessie's Theme) and (RUN! RUN! RUN!).

Planned Features

Fort Condor
The first visit to Fort Condor will now be mandatory. This is because this is where Cloud and the others will reunite with Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge after leaving Midgar (yes, the Avalanche trio will survive the plate collapse). Jessie will also permanently join the party here. Also, I plan to adjust the battle rewards so you can win better items, thus making it worthwhile to keep coming back to fight. And to make this easier, I also intend to have Biggs and Wedge contact the group whenever a new battle becomes available and provide the option to go there, fight it, and return to where you were before (or at least someplace close by).

Gameplay Sections for Jessie
I also plan to add a few more gameplay scenarios for Jessie, mostly in and around Midgar to help show what's happening with her and the others while Cloud's with Aerith after Reactor 5 and also later how she recovers from the plate collapse and leaves Midgar herself with her friends to catch up to the others. She'll also be required for part of the return there late in the game for story reasons (the battle against Pride and Joy/Proud Clad). In addition, she'll also have her own Gold Saucer date with Cloud, as noted earlier. I also intend for her to have her own scene with Cloud under the Highwind as well - instead of Tifa having two possible scenes, she and Jessie will each have a scene, and whoever has the higher affection value with Cloud will have their scene play out.

Highwind Personnel Changes
For most of the game, Biggs and Wedge will stay at Fort Condor, and you'll be able to talk with them to get different information and complete the 1/35 soldier and Turtle's Paradise flyer quests. After the last battle there, however, they'll join you on the Highwind, where in addition to what they already do, they'll also tell you where to find all the ultimate weapons and level 4 limit breaks and give you rewards for collecting all of them. Jessie will also be there, and I intend for her to be at the helm instead of the original crew member. She'll be the one you talk to when you want to fly, and she'll still make her special items for you as well. She also gives you other items and materia throughout the game to help you in your journey and continues to fight at your side.

Revisiting Locked Areas
Another feature I plan to add is a way to revisit certain limited areas like Sector 7 that you normally can't go back to. In the story, this would take the form of a VR simulator Jessie develops, much like the Encephalon in the Xenosaga games. And on these return visits, you'll be able to find items that weren't there before as well as get anything you missed the first time. It likely won't be available while Tifa and Cid lead the party but only while Cloud is in charge (to make it easier for me to implement).


Many thanks to Chrysalis, Bonez, DLPB, Fewtch, and the rest of the team that created and maintains the ESUI, upon which the UI aspect of Lifestream Edition is built. All credit goes to you guys for creating such a useful and powerful mod, and I appreciate being allowed to expand on it. Also, thanks to Satsuki for your very well-done avatars and to Ninostyle and Grimmy for creating those battle models for Jessie and letting me include them in Lifestream Edition.

A great deal of thanks to Sega Chief for patiently answering so many of my questions - I know I've had a lot, and I'll probably have more to come lol. Ninostyle, Chrysalis, L@Zar0, cmh175, and Grimmy have also been very helpful on discord when I've struggled to figure out how to get certain things to work. This mod wouldn't have been possible without any of you, so thank you all. And if I've left anyone out, please let me know and I'll add you in here.

I don't know when I'll have the demo ready, much less the full mod, but I'll do my best to keep you all posted here and on discord on my progress. In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy this little glimpse of what I've done so far. It's a video of the first half of Jessie and Cloud's new mission together before Reactor 5 (to hide the bomb in the underplate). Enjoy!

I just downloaded FT because I wanted to check if your credits screen works in 16:9 instead of just being cropped to 4:3 like the game over screen (been working on these things for my own mod and I know your game over screen has an option for 16:9 backgrounds) but your mod won't start. I can't even configure anything because the settings dialogue for it is disabled. When I click on the gear button it says "Failed to read mod.xml" and when I try to start the game with it I get an error message - "Unknown error when launching the game: The input string 'varname' was not in a correct format."

I was discussing the tool, asking a question about it. And it is a modding tool. So I don't understand the distinction you're trying to make. Markul basically told me to ask here when I messaged him about it.

Well, since WM is the only other way I know of to edit kernel.bin and that's where the information is stored, I asked here. There's no function in WM to use & define variables for things like limit names? Like through the AI section or something?

Is it possible to set certain limit break names to be different depending on whether an in-game variable is active or not? The reason I'm asking is because I'm making Jessie a fully playable member of the party in a mod I'm working on and this is done via model & avatar swap with Tifa. I was hoping that although they share the same set of limits that they could at least be named differently for Jessie than for Tifa and possibly have slightly different effects as well. But I'll settle for just different names if need be. Is there any way to do this? I've tried using hext files but while I can make the changes live in Cheat Engine, the address where the information is stored changes every time I load the game, so it doesn't seem like I can do it that way.

General Discussion / Graphics question
« on: 2021-12-26 23:12:32 »
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to this. I noticed recently that FF7 seems to render graphics darker than they actually are. Here's a remake-based start screen I did using a screen from the PC version. This is the actual graphic:

Spoiler: show

And this is how it looks in-game (including the menu):

Spoiler: show

As you can see, it's darker in the game than it should be. I was wondering if there was any way to fix that so the graphics display at their proper brightness.

Thanks, that helped clear things up a bit. But how do you do the LZS compression so it imports correctly?

Hi again, myst6re. I did get the music working, thanks! I've been wanting to add a new field, but when I go to Import to Current Map after adding a new blank field and selecting it, I get an error message that says "Malformed LZS Header." This comes up even with an exported existing field that I was trying to re-import as a test.

Thanks, I'll check that out. I'm sure there's one included in 7H that I can use.  :)

How do you ID a variable's hex address?

7th Heaven / How to call variables in an IRO's .xml file?
« on: 2021-06-20 17:38:15 »
Hi, all. Been working on a mod for a while now - graphics and gameplay, that sort of thing - and for part of I want the player to able to switch at times between two different elements that use the same files. To be more specific, part of the mod involves making Jessie playable the same way it was done in the mod that adds her to the Reactor 1 mission - overriding Tifa's name, avatar, and battle model with Jessie's. Now, during the Midgar portion of the game, I know PPV would be fine since it wouldn't make sense to be able to switch between them at that point. However, Jessie will survive the plate collapse (along with Biggs and Wedge) and later on join the group. It's at that point that I'd like the player to, through certain dialogue options (and variables being set/unset), be able to switch between Tifa and Jessie. I think I've figured out how to do most of it, but I'm not sure how to call out a specific variable in the mod's .xml file to tell the game when to use which set of files for Tifa/Jessie (aside from PPV, which I've seen done in the Jessie mod's file). How are other variables referenced in the .xml file? Because it doesn't seem to be the same as in Makou Reactor. Thanks for your help.

Thanks, I'd been away from most FF7 modding for a while aside from my own project and hadn't used the newer versions of 7H before. I've got it all working fine now, though. And I think it'll make my own work easier as well.

Once I updated FFNx from within 7th Heaven instead of externally, the 30fps mod worked!

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