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7th Heaven / Re: Reunion + 7th Heaven - The Final Answer
« on: 2022-10-17 23:22:53 »
If you're looking for a way to combine Mr. Burke's work with 7th Heaven, like me, then you've probably happened on this thread which states without equivocation that Mr. Burke has stated explicitly that his work is not to be combined with 7th Heaven in any way.

I'm a darn songwriter myself, so all of this computer lingo/jargon is utterly Greek to me. But, I will say this, that 7th Heaven's graphical mods (particularly those done by Nino to match Nomura's original concept art, and Cosmos FMV which converts the FMVs to properly-proportioned characters) are phenomenal, and if YOU MUST CHOOSE, then I recommend 7th Heaven, with SE's script. At the very least, you are getting the FF7 script that SE has put out, and you can feel confident that, warts and all, this is the FF7 script that SE has published.

Mr. Burke's scriptwork is fantastic, but I can't play with Lego People forever. SE's officially published script gets the message across well enough. Play 7th Heaven with NinoStyle field models and Cosmos FMV. It's even working in 60fps now with analog controls.

7th Heaven has proven itself the superior choice at this point, and it's my personal biased and slanted and skewed opinion that Mr. Burke ought to just swallow his pride and publish his quite excellent script for the open source community, unless his name happens to be Kazushige Nojima, in which case, whatever.

But if his name is not in fact Kazushige Nojima and Daniel Burke as he has said, then publish the damned script. Stubbornness never got anybody anything but bruised spirits.

This post is completely asinine, like 100%.

First of all, you know damn well that 'Mr. Burke' is banned here.  He can't respond to your post, which forces me to respond in his stead.

Second of all, the graphical mods you listed that would make 7th Heaven superior (Ninostyle models and Cosmos FMV) are almost 100% compatible (except in the case of Cosmos FMV you can't use the interpolated ones) with The Reunion, the analog controls are also not only compatible but built-in to it.

"Mr. Burke's scriptwork is fantastic, but I can't play with Lego People forever."  Then don't... Reunion's Model Overhaul (heavily based on Kaldarasha's ChaOS) happens to have (by far) the least amount of bugs of any model pack other than Nino's chibi pack, or you can just use Nino's or any other model pack with 100% compatibility.

The only mods I can think of that cannot be used with Reunion (which is only atm as we can and will add compatibility later down the road for some of these) are 60fps, HDR, manual rotating battle camera, widescreen mod, Re-Music, ESUI (which was originally ported from a Reunion mod that we abandoned), and a select few minor gameplay mods (like the Jessie Mod). I'm sure I'm missing a couple more, feel free to correct me, but there's not enough missing to alter my point.

Third of all, the two projects do different things - one is a modding platform focused on adding capabilities to modders and make it easier for users, the other is a restoration project.  Your statement of superiority is like saying NyQuil is superior to Pepto Bismol, sure there is some overlap there, but the statement at face value hardly even makes any sense...

Fourth of all, what you ask is not possible at the moment, and even if it was would be completely unfair to us while doing nothing for the modding community.  The Beacause translation started off as script only (which is why there were earlier versions that worked with 7H), but it was quickly discovered that a consistent and quality translation cannot be done that way.  So we adapted the menu, models, model animations, text boxes, field scenes, FMVs, textures, etc to tie in to Beacause so our script would be consistent throughout the game.  If someone ports all that to 7H then all they did was steal the entirety of Beacause and they will still be stuck at square 1 because you can't just go adding work to it without breaking and/or removing our work, which in turn degrades the translation enough that you wouldnt want to use it.

We could just as easily demand from the authors of those mods listed above that they make a version of their mod compatible with The Reunion.  But we dont, because thats shitty... Why would they want to double the amount of time they spent on the mod just to make a LESSER version of their mod so its compatible with something it doesnt fit in with anyway?  The answer is they don't, and neither do we... which is exactly what you are demanding.

TLDR: Let people who actually know what they are talking about do the suggesting/demanding around here.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] [7H] Enhanced Stock UI (2.0)
« on: 2022-10-14 14:51:03 »

Of course i will give the corresponding credits to the mod and the person that found this hex codes (Chrysalis i suppose xD)

DLPB/kranmer with Menu Overhaul is the origin of that code

WIP / Re: New mods model FF7 GBIKE designed by Mr. Nomura
« on: 2022-10-02 16:53:04 »
this looks really good - and it an excellent idea, looks like an anime version of Cloud

if you need help with releasing the mod - if nothing else, you can message me and i'll walk you through it  :)

Closing the contest prematurely due to zero submissions for the whole week.

i actually had an idea for one mapped out in my head, i was going to have a very blurry graphic of griever/something ff8 related and then some sort of lens or magnifying glass in the middle that gets underneath the blur to reveal a HD clear image similar to what Demaster does for Remaster

...but i havent had the time since you made the thread to work on it at all, dont get me wrong though - even if i made something you wanted to use i wouldnt want your money anyway, so i dont care about your competition thing

i just kind of got the feeling with that last post that you are annoyed with the community by the lack of submissions/posts and if true wanted to tell you not to think that way - you are appreciated

WIP / Re: [FF7 PC-98/Steam] True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2022-02-19 06:13:00 »
Cloudiar contacted me in private and I sincerely apologize for this entire thread's contents.  Its wasn't completely motivated by it, but I indeed let the private incident mentioned at the beginning spillover into public, which was completely unnecessary.

and to clarify I never did think Cloudiar and/or Turboss were trying to maliciously trick anybody, just that due to circumstances that was the end result of what happened - regardless that information shouldnt even be here

Now I need to go watch the legendary football coach Herm Edward's speech titled "Don't Press Send"

I also don't think Cloudiar should have any warnings or 'watched' symbol, I'm a big boy and nothing he said was unreasonable for his own defense - I expected much worse

WIP / Re: [FF7 PC-98/Steam] True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2022-02-18 21:19:08 »
you have my word this will be my last post in this thread (unless that cupcake douchebag responds here instead of sending a pm, in which case i will definitely respond), because this mod does not deserve a whole page of arguments, and that was not my original intention

but you keep missing the point, *I* dont need a damn thing from you, and the only way i'll play your mod is if it is included in The Reunion, because thats the main project i'm involved in

1) you show up in the community ONLY when YOU need help - you even admit this, 99.999% of your time is focused on your own mod

2) i'm active here, tsunamods discord, qhimm discord, reunion discord and i've never seen you help a single person, not even attempt to help but i HAVE seen you ask for help numerous times... you even asked me for help with some UI stuff... even if you are helping people privately all over the place (which you aren't) thats not very helpful because then the public cant read it and get the same help

3) you dont share like you say, picking and choosing who you want to share with is not the same thing as sharing with the community

i dont think there is anything wrong with any of those things, but if this is how you engage the community you lose the right to say the garbage you said in my quotes without being challenged on it - because if you are going to point the finger at others saying they are crappy community members who wont help and are fanboys looking for their own glory or whatever, i'm pointing the finger right back at you

WIP / Re: [FF7 PC-98/Steam] True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2022-02-18 18:05:12 »
Dude is literally a nationalist, veering damn close to fascist, and you don't think he's racist or xenophobic?  Never read his posts about how immigrants are bad and need to get out of Britain?  Or his posts about how Brexit is a good thing?  Sure thing. 

As far as various slurs referring to the mentally challenged, you know what, I'll give you a point there; I could sit here and say it was a different time and what was considered acceptable then isn't considered acceptable now, but that's no excuse.  That being said, Dan -IS- mentally challenged so it's not like it was inaccurate or anything.

Now... the homophobia thing; I -WAS- going to just let you sit here and whine, but uhh, that's sort of out of left field.  You either have a problem with me telling you to stop sucking his dick (which is different from telling you to stop sucking dick in general, and THAT would be homophobic; not so much if I'm telling you to stop sucking a specific dick), or with me calling him a chode (which is just a word for a dick that's shorter than it is wide, which isn't a half-bad description of Dan)....  More than that though.... you realize you're literally telling a bisexual transwoman that they're homophobic, right?  Kind of a ridiculous statement if you ask me.

So go ahead, cry more, whatever, everyone's already told you to shut the fuck up and get the fuck out, we don't want you here.  So uhh, what is it the kids say these days? It's cope, right?  Cope.

when you tell someone they suck penis as an insult to them (which is what you did) - its offensive to gay people... end of story, whether you try to include yourself in the group has no bearing on anything - you're obviously a moron

and racism/xenophobia are two different things you are trying to lump together, xenophobia is just a fear of foreigners - most fears are irrational
in any case a brit thinking brexit is a good thing and even wanting immigrants out of the country certainly does not equal racism

so in short... you're wrong about everything you just said and obviously you're not too bright, keep trying though buddy  ;)

I got angry about the unfortunate comment about the translation and I took the opportunity to say that nobody was interested in helping about something that could be perfectly official, when things like that are of interest and they also complain, I repeat, it is logical that I get angry.

listen, its the same with me - i know you have done some very quality work but you also have a "me and my mod are all that matters" attitude, then when you pair that with "i have to work in the shadows" and these small putdowns to people who haven't helped you, i also take serious issue with that and get angry... especially when you dont participate in the community other than to show up when you need help or tease a mod that stays unreleased here

nowadays you are better off releasing your work here to keep it from getting stolen, so we all can see the files posted under your username, but whatever

WIP / Re: [FF7 PC-98/Steam] True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2022-02-18 14:01:03 »
In the end being objective sooner or later you will end up playing some of my work, I hope you come here to say if this is "shit" or really brilliant, if not you are banned :P

that's not how i operate, i dont say any mod is crap just because i dont like the author, and in fact i apologize that this has nothing to do with this mod, but YOU brought these topics into this thread, not me - i only had a lot to say about it:
I think it's obvious that these facts bother me, she has done it without liking the game while many fanboys here prefer to play the same game again, here each one to their fun or to their own glory.

FF7OR is just Final Fantasy VII OVA Remake, if you don't know me too it's probably because my demo was stolen about 8 years ago, I've had to work in the shadows because other people prefer to copy rather than work.

many times you come off as very unappreciative toward the community - screaming at the rooftops for help with your project and yelling at tool makers when their tools dont work for your project, you claim no one helps you when in fact you've been helped with nothing in return, and then of course you also want protection here from thieves that don't exist just because it happened once years ago

you reap what you sow, mate

i have watched your youtube channel and your mod looks interesting, and not just this one but you have other works that seem like really cool to me as well - but i cant comment on how good they are without playing it first and there are no files here yet

WIP / Re: [FF7 PC-98/Steam] True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2022-02-18 03:53:39 »
if i was around when someone stole your demo i would have ripped him a new one, but i know nothing of that - it was before my time here

even though i obviously don't like how all that happened - i wouldnt have said anything at all if you were weren't droning on how no one wants to help you and everyone is out to steal your work - gimme a break with that crap

Ori, can you, just once, stop sucking that racist xenophobe's chode?

alright i'll bite - i know him better than you do and he is neither of those things

meanwhile you are a complete douchebag who has filled this forum with slurs for the mentally challenged... and now you add a little homophobia to the mix... you're obviously a class act  :roll:

WIP / Re: [FF7 PC-98/Steam] True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2022-02-17 22:41:52 »
Do you know exactly what happened?

What we talked about in private?

How do we stay?

Honey Bee Inn is something that everyone can want and the other was simply for something that was for me, he offered himself but I repeat... do you know everything that happened afterwards?

If you had a problem with me before, you could have told me, it's normal that it bothers me when they compare my friend's level of English with me (mine is bad), it bothers me for her and also because everyone would want to play this and it only took one person to that it was a high-level English ...

do i know every word of your private conversations with him? no

but anything related to reunion development we share, obviously

you came in our discord and asked for help with the programming for your card game, and you got it in pascal with the assumption you would return the favor and develop the mod for reunion, but afterward you said you just need to have that work ported to C# for use with 7H and pretty much vanished

if the pascal code is useless to you why are you asking for help in the reunion server? by omitting this information you + turboss tricked him into helping you - thats just the fact of the matter - thats time that could have been spent furthering reunion, or playing Sonic 3

although i havent asked him i dont need to - he wrote you that .dll in pascal for a reason, if he had known you only wanted to try to port the concept he wouldnt have wasted his time

WIP / Re: [FF7 PC-98/Steam] True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2022-02-17 19:38:17 »
What are you talking about?

He has had what he has asked of me, that you come with that seems ridiculous to me, if he has a problem with me he would have already told me.

He offered to help with that, I told him if he needed anything to contact me, and I also told him about the Honey Bee Inn, what other arguments do you have?

I only understand that you come here to throw shit if you are his representative, otherwise you are simply an idiot.

he hasnt said a thing about it, its something i myself am annoyed by (you being a giant hypocrite)

i throw shit at you because you deserve it, feel free to think i'm an idiot all you want, my mensa card says otherwise

my point is... you asked for help and got it (while offering nothing in return, as i said before) - and now you are telling sob stories about how no one wants to help you

WIP / Re: [FF7 PC-98/Steam] True Honey Bee Inn
« on: 2022-02-17 15:16:27 »
dlpb helped you with your card game when you came to us for help with it, then you got your help and didnt give anything back in return

then you complain that no one wants to help you

sound about right?

Hi all,

I moved to Linux sometime ago and using 7th heaven is not an option for me now since it just deoesn't work either with Wine or Proton. The Reunion, on the other hand, works flawlessly. Unfortunately there are only a few mods ready to work out of the box with The Reunion. I have SYW 4 installed along with Ninostyle character mod (both dl'd from The Reunion website). The only thing is I don't want to use Nino's chibi models, although they're great, full sized ones looks better IMHO. And here comes the problem. Model overhaul needs to be tunned off for Nino's models to work with Reunion and that creates discrepancy between Nnino's mod and the rest of the game. Is there a way to retain full scale characters and add full scale NPCs with Reunion without having model overhaul turned on?

All help is highly appreciated, thank you!

you can keep model overhaul on and use nino's models at the same time if you install nino's direct version of the mod in CUSTOM rather than GLOBAL, then Nino's models will just overwrite the full sized models

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] World Map Stuff
« on: 2022-01-29 00:18:28 »
links in this thread have been updated with this:

Releases / Re: More Realistic World Map Animations
« on: 2022-01-29 00:16:32 »
the most common feedback i've gotten from this mod is that a lot of people don't like that i changed the highwind jets color, so i've now made a blue flame animation which will load by default with the orange jets still being a configurable option for those that liked it

videos of each option below:

That is great to know.  :D

Your definitely legal software that allows extracting, modifying and re-releasing trademarked artwork (often behind a patreon paywall) does not support piracy…
The best way to promote the worst received game in a saga is definitely acting entitled with those willing to TRY it.

also you dont need demaster to extract, modify, and rerelease artwork from FF8 - and demaster doesnt come with any artwork either, so you're just full of crap

when you criticize something its always a good idea to actually know what you are talking about  :wink:

FF7 Tools / Re: IroNite - .iro packer and unpacker
« on: 2022-01-21 17:08:41 »
i know its probably not the solution you guys are looking for, but you can make a windows 10 disk and install it on a vm within your linux OS without activating it (which is 100% legal)

when you run the vm windows will always have a watermark in the corner saying "this windows is not activated" or something, but you will just be using it for a few tools anyway so shouldnt bother you too much

ironite is also built in to 7th heaven if that helps

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2022-01-04 02:41:33 »
I was in talks with -Ori back then and I've explained him what to do to achieve it.

It is in fact an easy task so I don't know what happened.

i thought it was the other way around and you were doing it, doesn't make much sense to me to port a mod myself with the original author still around - especially when there will be a few artistic choices that will be involved in a few of the minor tweaks that need to be done

it wont be hard, but thats not to say it can be done well lickety split either, and i've got a lot of FF7 and Reunion stuff on my plate as it is, especially at the moment - but if you are at a roadblock i'm always willing to help

if nothing else if you just refuse to install reunion or something i may do it myself in the future when some of my other projects wrap up, but if we are waiting for me to do this - i'm sorry, but we are gonna be waiting quite awhile most likely - i actually have another UI porting project involving L@Zar0's font for the spanish translation that i have probably 60% finished but has been shelved for months as well

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Ori's UI Thread
« on: 2021-12-28 05:49:29 »
this update is mainly to the .iro version

     -fixed bugs in battle UI (HP, MP, Time texts)
     -fixed 'Limit Level X' text inside red limit box
     -added Yuffie coin graphic
     -removed one artifact from border bars
     -most of the mod is now in .dds

but more importantly, very accurately upscaled the buster sword screen for the upscaled config:


Upscaled config

and by far the biggest part of the update is the addition of the fully modded intros: (eidoslogo movie, sqlogo movie, explode movie, intro credits, logo screen)

this is by far the best option for having modded intros while keeping the vanilla art style - almost all other mods of the credits draw something else because the opback images are so difficult to upscale OR redraw  (like most of my upscaling work, this is upscaled + doctored by hand)

Releases / Re: [FF7PC]Revival - A FFVII Enhanced Mod
« on: 2021-12-27 23:29:33 »
well done, mate!  Good to see a mod author provide proper support

Releases / Re: [FF7PC]Revival - A FFVII Enhanced Mod
« on: 2021-12-23 01:00:07 »
although permission for use of my work was asked (and granted) i assumed that because i was asked that this would be done for everyone

i'm in fact very unconfortable with my alias and work being in a project where permission was not asked (and granted) from *every* modder that has his or her work used in it

perhaps compilations and ports should not even be allowed altogether because otherwise these scenarios could be hard to avoid, as a few people really have tried to prevent this issue with this very mod but seems like it happened anyway

to Urbanhack86: actually not trying to say you did anything wrong, just that making a compilation here usually ends up pulling work from many, many people where it would be impossible to properly get permission, credit and attribute the work

its a good thing we have the extra moderator, helps make sure the 2 posts per day on this forum don't get out of line

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] World Map Stuff
« on: 2021-11-30 07:10:30 »
Can you provide a release of just the dds files for use in direct mode?

linux only guy huh? i respect that

done, link in first post

Troubleshooting / Re: No image on slots on Battle Square
« on: 2021-11-26 03:47:34 »
i think your issue is one that has been fixed for newer versions of ffnx already

here is info on your problem, although i would try updating ffnx first

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] World Map Stuff
« on: 2021-11-16 06:42:39 »
another large update, mountain overhaul...

i also renamed this mod to Reunion World Map, since that's what it is - devoloped by our community, so i put the link to the website in the mod for anyone who wants to join and contribute bug reports or whatever















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