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FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Text editor - touphScript (v1.4.0)
« on: 2022-09-09 18:23:03 »
There are a few issues that I don't know how to fix.

Field dump stops at:
Dumping level.lgp
979 / 985
C:\Program Files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII>
what is corrupted and how to fix it is not clear.

This translation exists only in this form.

I will attach the files, perhaps, I hope, such informal problems can be taken into account in the new version

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.10.1b)
« on: 2020-06-11 14:48:05 »
Спасибо большое за подсказку. Я не обратил внимание, что шрифты можно рисовать самому.

ты не сделал таблицу символов под шрифт, тдв я не смотрел, но по .txt это так и есть.
должно быть так:
you didn’t make a character table for the font, I didn’t look, but on .txt it is.
should be like this:
Spoiler: show

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.10.1b)
« on: 2020-06-07 19:55:55 »
How to convert tex format to tdw? Tdw is only format that can be imported to program. Or how 8 png files (colored fonts) from folders sysfld00.tex and sysfld01.tex can be converted to tdw? I did not found any material on web. 
tdw используется только для настройки ширин и вроде бы как, deling привязывает ее к таблице символов.
Изображение умеет сохранять, но не умеет вставлять обратно, поэтому его можно просто рисовать в программе, изображение tdw используется только в psx. Поэтому это хороший и старый вопрос, и вроде бы его уже обсуждали. Хорошо если deling будет использовать sysfnt.tdw\sysfnt.tex\sysfld0-1 на выбор, для более удобной настройки ширины, так как изображение tdw обычно отличается от остальных, так как его обычно никто не перерисовывает, и не умеет менять изображение .tdw

tdw is only used to adjust the widths and, like, deling binds it to the character table.
The image is able to save, but can not stick back, so it can simply be drawn in the program, the image tdw is used only in psx. Therefore, this is a good and old question, and it seems to have already been discussed. It is good if deling will use sysfnt.tdw\sysfnt.tex\sysfld0-1 to choose from, for a more convenient width setting, as the tdw image is usually different from the rest, as it is usually no one redraws it, and can not change the image .tdw

Not sure I understand completely, but are you saying that you only have low-res fonts to use with the Russian version? (The green text is barely ever used so it's not that bad if it's English)
Could you send me a link to the russian version so I can see what's in it to see if I can help?  (I am the author of all SeeD mods and the other controller mod)

I know you, you are the most famous modder for final fantasy)
The main reason, because I do not use the hd font, and the second, that the green font, although it is used little, can be a problem.
Therefore, we need a hext button mod, this is exactly the minimum that is needed for the game.

Spoiler: show
We have long created russian SEED based on yours, without source,
it was then difficult, as no one knew at the time how to edit the width, tonberry at this time only appeared.
People ask for a new version, but so far there is no one to do it.

Currently, I'm the only one doing font, trying to create a nice low-res font:

most importantly I do not know how to recreate the effect of shadow as in the original, I tried to smooth the font, use a shadow with noise, nothing came even close.
So I'm sorry until I make a low-res font, i can forget about the hires font too, without the sources to recreate the seed reborn no one will definitely be.

You can use the existing SeeD mod for 2000 and then replace the GREEN font text pages (sysfld00 and sysfld01 green palettes) with the ones from my controller buttons mod. it uses the same textures as the 2000 SeeD mod, but you might have to rename something.
I know, but there will be some problems with it, hd font in English, it is not for Russian.
The problem is not even that, but that if you do not use HD, it will be superfluous.

What about Button mod for pc-2000? (1.2/1.2nv)
for me it is too difficult, so I hope that someone will do for her

Terrific, always dreamed about it.
It would be nice to have a hext patch for this, I would not have to touch the original resources, and it would be easier for many)

Did you install Memoria before using Moguri? If so, your Memoria.ini file was not overwritten, and this setting stayed the same.
EDIT: Oh you mean in BETA 5? ah yes forgot about that. Fortunately, the final version is out and installs it correctly.

I installed ff9 (clean install)> then memoria, and on top of moguri v5.
since memoria was newer, I did not overwrite .dll

I also launched both options, and the new memoria, and the one that was with moguri, your version worked correctly, but the new memoria, with a texture problem, until I added TileSize = 64 to ini

hi. i think you forgot add in readme, or ini config for memoria in archive, with TileSize = 64

Hi, I tried different versions of Hades 34-41s, none of them could open the psx image, I don’t know the original ones, but I definitely don’t open the Russian images
writes: cant scan as ff9 binary file.

also some hope and wait for the export of text scripts in memoria, I hope I live to see this day

it remains to do this in the form of a patch. using cheatengine, constantly loading the script every time you start the game, on an ongoing basis is not very convenient.
and cheatengine, no need to keep with the game

if anyone tries to make a utility, use the CLI, at least optionally

I really liked the program.
Not enough pairs of functions.
1. Translation ff8.exe 1999 (reads, but does not write values)
2. For a lot of work you need a command line.
for example
TranslationTool c0m * .dat --import
TranslationTool c0m.txt --export c0m * .dat

Очень понравилась программа.
Не хватает пары функций.
1. Перевод ff8.exe 1999 (читает, но значения не записывает)
2. Для большой работы нужна, командная строка.
TranslationTool c0m*.dat --import c0m.txt
TranslationTool c0m.txt --export c0m*.dat

in general, the main problem for working with FF is that, for them, they first make very narrowly targeted GUI programs, which become obsolete over time, but if they had a normal command line, some could be used now.

вообще основная проблем для работы с FF это то что, для них сначала делают очень узко-направленные программы с GUI, которые со временем устаревают, но если бы у них была нормальная командная строка, некоторыми можно было бы пользоваться и сейчас.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.10.0b)
« on: 2019-09-14 19:02:35 »
Suggestion for improvement.
Since I wrote above the normal save (export) .tdw file does not work (does not save the width)
Then I propose to immediately refine another function
Export to deling translation file .txt
1. add width to it
2. sorting characters and widths for convenient pasting into exel, or saving to .xls format
(where one column is symbols, the second is widths)
3. Add export from this file, now it is not there for obvious reasons
It will all look like this:

An example of how much needs to be done now.
1. count the width of EVERY character

2. We write and calculate the width for tdw

3. Edit the width of EVERY character

4. Insert the same file back into the field

Easy editing here does not smell ..
did you want a beautiful font? have to suffer for a very long time, strain your eyes, and spend time

Пример того сколько нужно сделать сейчас.
1. считаем ширину КАЖДОГО символа
2. Записываем и рассчитываем ширину для tdw
3. Редактируем ширину КАЖДОГО символа
4. Вставляем этот же файл обратно в field
Легким редактированием тут и не пахнет..
вы хотели красивый шрифт? придется очень долго страдать, напрягать глаза, и тратить время

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.10.0b)
« on: 2019-09-13 20:28:27 »
found a couple of mistakes that I repeated with a friend
1. When save the .tdw file, the widths are reset to 0. If you simply edit and close the program, the .tdw file will be correctly saved in the program folder
2. with a small change to sysfld00 (shift characters in photoshop) .tex file was inserted back normally.
after full editing, with an ideal palette, the file could not be inserted.
My friend found a solution.
need to remove sysfld00 from field, add the edited sysfld00 to the field, and replace it again. Then he will finally be replaced normally

both tex files to check:

We all suffer when creating FF8 font
This is especially true for alignment width
1. You need to read the width of each character in the image editor
2. Write, read the width of the .tdw file on the calculator
3. And change the width in the .tdw file manually for each character
It's time to make a tool that will do this with a couple of mouse clicks.
What is required:
1. Pars .bmp .png image
The grid width can be determined automatically, by image size, or left manually (24x24)
Determine the letter and shadow, according to the palette, or manually by color.
Count the number of pixels of each symbol cell for both sysfld00 sysfld01 files
2. Set the desired factor and rounding (up or down) 1.66 <>, 1.67 <>
more details were here
3. Insert widths directly into the .tdw file, or in the field
4. optionally convert images to .tex and paste into field (replacing deiling and Omega completely, you won’t need any more programs, just make coffee and rejoice)

What do we get:
- Reduce an incredible amount of time to calculate the widths, and manually insert in .tdw
- We reduce errors in the calculations to 0
- no character table needed
- Sea of ​​joy

[FF8] Предложение для создание новой утилиты
Все мы мучаемся при создании шрифта FF8
Особенно это касается выравнивания ширины
1. Нужно считать ширину каждого символа в редакторе изображений
2. Записывать, считать на калькуляторе ширину для .tdw файла
3. И менять ширину в .tdw файле вручную для каждого символа
Давно пора сделать инструмент который это будет делать, парой кликов мыши.
Что требуется:
1. Парсить .bmp .png изображение
Ширину сетки можно определить автоматически, по размеру изображения, либо оставить вручную (24x24)
Определить букву и тень, по палитре, или вручную по цвету.
Посчитать количество пикселей каждой ячейки символа для обоих файлов sysfld00 sysfld01
2. Задать нужный множитель и округление (в большую или меньшую сторону) 1.66 <>, 1.67 <>
подробнее было тут
3. Вставка ширин напрямую в .tdw файл, либо в field
4. опционально конвертировать изображения в .tex и вставлять в field (заменяя deiling и Omega полностью, не нужно будет больше никаких программ, просто сделай кофе и радуйся)

Что мы получим:
- Сократим невероятное количество времени на расчет ширин, и ручную вставку в .tdw
- Сведем ошибки при расчетах до 0
- никакой таблицы символов не нужно
- Море радости

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.10.0b)
« on: 2019-09-12 14:18:26 »
add image size pls
already tired, manually slide the sliders to count the pixels

and yet, it’s very important to add so that you can edit (align) the width to
sysfld00 sysfld01 font
it would greatly facilitate life.

Troubleshooting / FF8 looking for a tool
« on: 2019-09-11 14:05:47 »
I am looking for a tool so that I can cut and glue the texture back

found imagemagick not comfortable, and large, but it works

Troubleshooting / FF8 looking for .fs patcher
« on: 2019-09-11 13:51:08 »
need a tool to add to the archives of the game, changed textures, with the command line.  (insert)
automate the process, because manually, tired of already inserting files

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.10.0b)
« on: 2019-09-09 21:04:09 »
Is it possible to add Omega functionality, for example, by dragging and dropping images (png, bmp) for import into the archive, while preserving the palette?
It would be both easier and more convenient.

and add a large preview with a grid so that you can track (whether letters or menu labels come out)
(it’s still hard to precisely adjust the eye
hand-drawn text in the image)

and ideally, a preview of these menus (like in a game, that is, the way it was done in delling for dialogs) so that you don’t have to load the game.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF8 .TEX editing problems
« on: 2019-09-07 00:19:58 »
I figured it out with photoshop, I had to add the palette from the original bmp when saving.

But I apparently found a bug. when saving to bmp, and converting to Omega, the image is shifted by 1-2 pixels, this is immediately noticeable.
- solution simple re-save image after photoshop in mtpaint

below images that can be compared and see a bug

07-09-2019-030800" border="0
07-09-2019-030754" border="0

Troubleshooting / Re: FF8 .TEX editing problems
« on: 2019-09-06 20:57:00 »
Hey shikulja,

When converting back to *.tex you previously need to load the original *.tex file in Omega then use the convert button; This way you'll preserved all color palettes.

I'm just doing it .. that's why I use only Omega .. since I have not found other methods with saving the palette.
07-09-2019-000142" border="0

Troubleshooting / FF8 .TEX editing problems
« on: 2019-09-06 20:37:05 »
I edited .TEX in photoshop,
06-09-2019-231536" border="0

Сonvert back to .tex Omega 1.3 and insert back into Deling
06-09-2019-232058" border="0

in the game I get this picture:
06-09-2019-232137" border="0

I tried all the options for indexing color, converting bmp. But nothing helped.
Help me please.

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